Saturday, July 6, 2013

Your body clock (Circadian rhythm)


There is clock in human body..!
     At a certain time tea, coffee, food, work and sleep like this human brain has set, if any change to one of these also can cause certain problems like tiredness, depression etc.. This timing or routine is fixed, its called Circadian rhythm of human body.
     Its actually endogenous means build-in or self-sustained which can be altered by the environmental and changes in routine, its mainly affected by doing night shift, actually there is time to do certain things at a certain time, night is fixed for sleeping after a long period of work at day time, its even written in Bible.

"I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep:for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety."
                                                                                                                                Psalm 4:8
    Mainly Circadian rhythm affects the people who does night shift at call centers, there are many call centers working around 24 hours in many countries, the people who work there mainly gets affected or changed rhythm of circadian, also the people travels and drivers at night time also affected mainly, pilots of jet airways   and jet laws also gets affected, mainly health care professionals, who attending the cases at any time for 24 hours because of emergency who couldn't be escaped.

      So there are certain research is going on for this circadian rhythm, in the various places people gets affected by various methods, USA or Europe has the party timing at night for more entertainment with luxury, there are certain fluctuations in the economy of the country, since this call centers are more important for Asian than Europe countries

Prevent heart attack by small nap at day time..!
      We are in the practice of not sleeping at day time for the certain reasons like not to become more fat, or to get rid of these practice everyday,but nap is mainly concentrated and allowed for bank staffs in Austria, they allowing staffs to take nap for twenty minutes after lunch, because of sleep deprivation there are many mistakes are happening, for this reasons they encouraging people to take small nap and continue their work very actively without mistakes, it also advised by psychology specialist.

Is it bad taking nap for sometime after lunch..! ?
       Taking nap for 10 to 20 times is good for health says Dr.Jimcorn from the university of Lapra in England, He did a many research on sleeping, this also kind of treatment to healthy life he says, after taking nap at a certain mentioned time can lead a work actively is his finding, this nap can for only 20 minutes, if exceed more than this body will adapt to sleep like night sleep, In some of the institutions at America has a alarming system for every twenty minutes at a resting area.

      When its compared with not taking nap workers, who took nap for small time can perform their work more enthusiastically and actively, by doing this digestion gets proper, mind gets relaxed, internal organs gets rest, all over the body gets activeness.

     When you have breakfast at morning, do you get anxiety ? tension ? little memory lose? its better to take nap at every afternoon after lunch no matter you are old or young says sleep researchers from Germany, Whoever takes nap for 20 minutes after lunch is preventing heart attack.

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