Monday, July 15, 2013

Smoking is really beneficial !

           Who told that smoking is injurious to health? is that World health organization, Medical professionals, many doctors, consultants, surgeons, and many more people who don't smoke or ex-smokers. But there are some health benefits who smoke, which has a got proof and also scientifically proven factor.

1.Relaxes your mind in a extraordinary way:-
         This could be the one of the most important benefit of smoking, since everyone heard about this, there is a science mechanism behind this everyone to know, Tension is the one of the biggest enemy of human body, when you create tension either in the body or in the mind you don't need other enemy, so people who smoke gets relieved from this enemy and keeps their mind calm and tension free.
        There are some hormones which can reduce your tension and anxiety state, like adrenaline, dopa-mine which are secreted in the body, this hormones are gets stimulated to secret more when you smoke, since that it reduces the blood pressure as well as the heart rate, But immediately after smoking heart rate and blood pressure rises slightly, there is no controversy in that. Afterwards your body gets relaxed like ever before, this is the main reason Sadhu's (Guru-G) smoke regularly and frequently to feel the inner man and to get relaxed mind and Peace.

2.Prevents constipation:-
         What is the mechanism behind it?  while smoking all the vessels of the body constricts which is called Vaso-constriction,all over the blood vessels in each organ, through this vaso-constriction body gets relaxed which we discussed previously, motion gets passed easily when body relaxes to the peak leave of peace, But it actually does only happens while smoke.
         There are many reason for constipation, mainly the stress induced constipation, in this hectic busy world there is no one is free from stress, Doctors advice is to take fiber regularly to relieve your constipation, even there is no time for that to search food that contains fiber and eat regularly, if say accurately there is no time to eat properly.

3.Lose weight easily (prevent obesity) :-
         Since smoking washouts and reduces the fat from body by mainly nicotine and tobacco smoke, its not because it reduces the fat from your body, since nicotine has a effect of appetite suppressant, you don't dump food in your stomach, thus reducing the risk of fat accumulation, there are many complication over the obesity.
       But sometimes it can stimulate appetite, don't need to worry about that, the main thing which makes people to stop smoking is weight gain after smoking cessation, since there is no much evidence what is the mechanism how weight gains after smoking cessation, we couldn't stop or prevent it, so only can prevent from obesity by smoking nicotine and tobacco not actually other things like cocaine or weed.

4. Realize your own ability :-
       Most of the people doesn't know what they really capable of, smoking knocks your door of mind and takes out what you have inside, people often bring their creativity when they smoke, mainly its very helpful in the field of arts and science, when no one is there with you, at the time of utter loneliness in your life, a cigarette could be a better friend to share.
      We heard that most of the people who write articles, poems,stories, fiction or any other kind of writers, they smoke before they start to write about their topic, this is actually because smoking relaxes mind and body overall by vaso-constriction process, Can take a water from a wall easily while smoking, for this reason they actually smoke.
    Brings you the actual guts to disturb this world..!

5.Prevent Ulcerative colitis:-
         In the ancient times Nicotine mainly used by the doctors for therapeutic treatments, couldn't understand the mechanism behind it but it helps to prevent some conditions, the people who smoke often don't get ulcer, we should think that it could be because of positive effects from nicotine. Nicotine and tobacco has the anti-inflammatory effect, since that it can interfere in the disease processes which is undetermined.
       So we can come to the conclusion of that ''too much of anything is bad'', since that taking little poison will not make you die instead make you strong!.
     "I know a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself".
                                                                                                                             -Johnny Carson

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