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Top health benefits of Ginger

          Ginger is the Natures super medicine, it is well known since ancient times of Tamilnadu, India. Also it occupied a important place in all kind of dishes which they make, also there is a habit of making coffee with dried ginger and drink frequently,anyone can make that, make a ginger to let it dry on the sun after peeling of the skin from it, after well dried add with boiled milk and let both boil together and add sweetness to it then drink. so they been healthy without doctor always, since it has many tremendous health benefits we go through some of it.

General benefits:-
         Cures acidity, Relieves from Gas trouble, helps to digest well and makes rid of digestion problem, its pain killer, removes all kinds of intestinal infections, cures more sputum produce from body, and cures arthritis clearly without any kind of pain,.

Medicinal benefits of Ginger:-

1.Arthritis and knee pain is condition which comes to woman and men after or before reaching 40, its a kind of joint pain which cant be bearable at all, there are lots of medicines available to kill the pain alone, not to cure the condition, but with dried ginger and milk after well boiling it, after let it cool with mild heat, apply over the pain area to all joints can get a complete cure within some days itself.

2.When excess of minerals are there in body, it gets stored in gall bladder, mainly calcium, when its get more forms like a rigid stone, then must undergo surgery to remove gall stone procedure like Cholecystectomy , instead of this drinking dried ginger with lemon is good to clear gall bladder, its better to drink it weekly once or twice to escape from this surgery.

3.People often struggle of headache, headache has many causes, this causes could be the major issues or small issue, most likely it comes  with eye problems sometimes gets cure with eye glass, but when dried ginger mixed with water and grind it softly and applying it on above eyebrow, apply over the full place to occupy , it cures all kinds of headache and relieves pain.

4.Some people often feel nauseated, nausea is nothing but sensation of vomiting, after eating some hard food or not properly boiled food might feel nauseated after sometime, or if there is severe acidity problems people feel nauseated frequently which cant be controlled, for this kind of condition its better to have a soup with dried ginger and neem tree's dried wood, well cure for chronic nausea conditions which couldn't be cured with lots of medicine.

5.In this busy world most of the time there will not be enough time to take rest, people who do hard work might have body ache in the end, also whoever have the body pain or energy less, can take this remedy, take dried ginger boil with milk and add sweetness also add some pepper to it, drinking this will energizes you like you drank Red bull, this is natural Red bull, but most of the people go for alcohol, it has lot of complications over the body when natural doesn't have that.

6.Gas trouble-oops, ginger has the solution for that too, dried, pepper, cumin, and garlic make soup adding all those ingredients and having it morning and evening once will relieve from gas trouble and flatulence, this kind of trouble often makes feel frustrated thus not concentrating on work properly and feels more frustrated and unsatisfied in work and to their boss, this is the one of the excellent solution to get rid of this problem for ever.

7.Piles are most common now, most people gets affected by this, in India there is lots of patients with piles, there are medicines in allopathy, since it only cures the symptoms patient never get cured from piles all the way, so its better go for remedy to get complete cure, take a dried ginger and coriander leaf  and make it as soup by well boiling it and drink regularly to get rid of this problem.

8.Gastritis is too the main issue  among the people live in Asia and other countries, its the inflammation which is causes mainly by the harmful organisms, infection is simply happen in the intestinal places, since all the food contents crosses throught there, there is remedy from ginger for this, take a small piece of dried ginger and small onion, grind both of this well and eat it, it can kill all the organism which living in your stomach.

9.Ulcer which then leads to cancer, its better to prevent before it forms as like that, take a dried ginger and after grinding it well mix it with curd rice and having it regularly can make you to get rid of ulcer, mainly anti-acidity tablets has lots of complications, its better to avoid much of taking anti-acidic tablets, natural remedy will never make yourself die.

10.If there is lice or dandruff in a scalp its mainly because some abnormal changes in blood, instead of using some kind of artificial chemical products its always to go for natural remedy, take a dried ginger, pepper, cumin and boil it with coconut oil and applying it regularly all over the scalp till the root  can help to reduce lice and dandruff in a maximum way.

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