Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Feel your soul and Purpose of life through Yoga !

         "Undisturbed calmness of mind is attained by cultivating friendliness toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous and indifference toward the wicked".
                         -         Patanjali     

     Yoga can’t be added into the category of aerobics, It is the progress of human being in search of peace, yoga not only makes you to involve your body, it makes you to involve your mind and soul, Soul is not visible to everyone, but who starts to practice yoga dedicated can feel his/her soul precisely, Can feel the inner-self.

      Yoga is a meditation which is practiced since the ancient times of India, so the origin of yoga is India which are formulated by Hindu monks, if you close your eyes you can see that many kinds of thinking crosses your mind continuously, even if you try to cease it you are not able to do it, Yoga is the solution it helps you to still your thoughts in a firm state which always changes.

       The meaning of Yoga originates from the Sanskrit, it says meaning of yoga is connection or contact with the root of human creation, it’s achieved through divine, it has different categories in different religions, and it gets practiced by many people around the world as healing exercise, much kind of people has different kind of preference over yoga according to religion.

       Yoga has ultimate destination to reach for every human who practices it regularly without terminating it till the conclusion, simply starting it regularly makes you extraordinary potential, the destination is the moksha (heaven), You can feel heaven in yourself with the fulfillment of divine which reaching to the point of willingness-less on the world creation.  

      Why people has so much of misery to them, there is freedom actually given to humans to create whatever they want from themselves, what to do most of the people are bringing misery out of themselves, but at this moment you can make incredible freedom to keep mind under control to make joy out of yourselves or misery out of yourselves.

     There are many researches in process on yoga and health benefits over much kind of diseases, mainly its effect over cancer, can get improved musculoskeletal through regular yoga a "study proving that from United States". It also resists effect over asthma which can’t be cured for a life time, since it changes every climate need to take medication to reduce the symptoms of asthma, but can reduce the symptoms easily through yoga with the higher self-esteem.

        All men's souls are immortal, but the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine”.

Free mind:-
         Depression is the killing mental condition which most of the people suffered by, Yoga improves the mental condition, helps to get rid of anxiety, fear, depression and tension, many studies had done on Psychological health benefits of Yoga and proved that it helps to get boosted self esteem of oneself, even if you are capable of nothing through yoga one can go to the peak of life.

Prevent Heart Diseases:-   
          Heart diseases can be seen all over the world which makes people to suffer the most, yoga is proving to stop and prevent the symptoms of heart diseases, mainly heart attack happens by ischemic changes of heart, means causing death of living cells of heart muscles, this happens by cessation of circulation to the heart muscles in many ways, Yoga improves circulation and reduces the blood pressure mainly.

Cure Back Pain:-
          Woman getting back pain is usual nowadays, mainly woman after delivery gets this trouble which suffocates them not to lead a life easy and happy, this is the most of the reason woman to come to hospital, if its ignored carelessly day by day it changes to chronic back pain, there is a evidence of curing Low back pain and chronic back pain through Yoga to lot of woman within twelve week regular practice.

Prevents impotence:-
         Impotence can be the reason for many divorce nowadays, make your partner happiest person through Yoga, it mainly involves in all over the body and organs function, Makes good circulation thus improving the production of sperm and boosts up stamina, Generally Yoga makes proper circulation to each and every part of the body, often Yoga is used to treat depression and stress for cancer patients by the medical professional in hospital,

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