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How to remove and prevent black markings around eyes ?

      Many people has this issue which couldn't be cured with any kind of advice's except naturally it gets cured, we need to understand some basic what actually happens when we get this issue and what to do to get rid of this problem, 

"Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes".
                                                                                                         Jim Carrey

        There will be the root to every problems, even black mark around the eyes also has the reason, because nature gave us the eyes with clear skin, so we made this problem, there is one and only way to cure this is to find the root and solve it, there are many reasons to get black markings around eyes, going through that reasons we find what we did to get this problem, after finding the root we look after resolving it.

Reasons to get Black marking around eyes (Root):-
      There is no exact mechanism what happens to the skin to get black markings, but there are reasons.

1. Lack of Sleep:-
        When adequate sleep not there, skin couldn't have enough time to repair it to normal, touch and see your skin under and around eyes, its too thin and smooth, since its very thin we understanding that it requires more care compare to other, at least 6- 7 hours sleep is must during night time, night is made for sleep and rest.

2.Sun light :-
         When roaming around in sunlight it may cause this problem, there is a reason for changes in skin color, that is melanin pigments, it also acts as a protector of skin, when more sunlight enters into the skin more melanin pigments secreted to reduce the damage, sunlight contains more harmful rays which affects directly, so as protective mechanism more melanin pigments gets produced to prevent the damage, it makes your skin look so dark, the same reason happens around the eyes, because eye skin are more thin there you see more significant change

3.Over straining :-
      If more strain given to eyes also can cause darkening of the eye skin, the people who work before computer for more than 8 hours are more prone to get this problem, since there is no exact reason how it comes, but the light comes from the computer causes this damage, even doing work in computer at night time instead of sleeping it may double the problem and makes more significant changes.

      This is the main reasons among all, Smoking can cause darkening around eyes, there is totally 7000 poisonous gas in one cigarette  as it contains carbon-monoxide it circulates through the blood stream and stays like sedimentation on cells and skin of interior, when this sedimentation increases it looks more dark over the skin, as we know carbon usually be in a dark color, it makes you to look more dark, it makes this problem to all over the body but since its thin around the eyes its more significant.

5.Facial bone shape:-
        Some people have the bone in weird bone shape, like upper part of the eyes its looks more big and covers the eyes , even same thing happens under the eyes, it creates shadow over the eyes and under the eyes and makes to look like so dark, but its just a shadow which make this appearance, to check this, when you look above your eyes don't get this shadow 

How to cure ?
     Find the root reason from mentioned above things, mentioned above or the main reasons why people get darkening of eye skin, finding the root is the first step, the second step is to complete or find the solution to get rid of it, there are very simple things to know how to cure dark discoloration of skin around eyes from those above mentioned reasons.

1.Sleep well :-
            Sleeping is the wonderful thing which made by god and loved by everyone except who longing for more money, sleep mainly at night time, there should be adequate sleep at least from 6 to 7 hours, but don't exceed more to reverse the good healing thing toward the destruction, before sleep you can anti-oxidants containing products like red wine.

2.Sun Glasses:-
             Its better to wear cooling glasses while roaming around in the sun to prevent damages from the rays of sun, more heat from sun also inducing more damages to the skin tissues around the eyes and  creates burns like damages, so its nice and pleasurable to feel with sun glasses with cooling and resistance from the sun light.

3.Give a break :-
        Give a break from over straining of eyes, there are options to take a little break instead of sitting before computer screen more than 8 hours, turn around and look over the thing which is at the distance at least of ten feet for 10 minutes, or take a small nap if possible for 20 minutes to relax your mind and to go back to work.

4. Try alternative to smoke :-
        Whatever the damage caused by smoking is irreversible some studies are proving, though you can try alternative methods like nicotine patch and many other which mention in the post is smoking is injurious to health to prevent nicotine withdrawal syndrome, if possible and have a courage to stop smoking its even better to reverse damages which is happened by smoking

5. Don't worry:-
       If do have the root cause of fifth one, no need to worry about that its not because you made mistake its natural, but there is a way to hide this, you can apply eye replenishing creams which is available at market to hide this, it make you look confident and dark free skin, its better option for temporary to everyone.

    If there is no root cause from above five, you need to correct this defect from nutrition, look over how to get health eyes.
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