Thursday, July 25, 2013

Snoring can cause death !

           Snoring is the dangerous condition! there are many chances to create problems between husband and wife which leads to divorce if spouse snoring all the time, it’s not only affects the health of who is snoring also ceases the sleep of other persons in their room, whether it could be roommate, spouse, whoever it may be unless they have same habit like who snores.
      Snoring comes by obstruction to the respiratory system or airway passages, air should flow easily in and out. When it gets restricted by some reasons, expiratory air comes out with some kind of harsh sound; there are some reasons which cause snoring.

1.Excessive tiredness could be the result of overworked, it can induce snoring by falling you asleep as dead, tongue gets fall backs to the throat and makes restriction to the flow of expiratory air.

2.Obesity or overweight can be the most reason for snoring, since higher fat and cholesterol in the body gets stagnated all over the places, tongue get bulked with some fat and fall back into throat.

3. Smoking, alcohol can act like a muscle relaxant since its effect to calm down the body activities and makes snoring as well causes the same to the tongue, like relaxing the tongue.

4. Sleep positions also can induce to the sleeping disorders; sleeping flat makes tongue to fall back into the throat thus causing obstruction.

5. Nasal or sinus problems, which may get inflammation and start to make sound like snoring, or some kind of obstruction which made by cold or secretion (sputum).

How it leads to death?   
       Snoring caused by tongue fall back into throat somehow, we need oxygen to live, lungs does the work of supplying oxygen to all over the organs of the body, when lungs makes oxygen to mix with blood, heart pumps to all over the places. This process is passive which will not be waiting for our commands to this processes, when people start to snore they more likely to get a Sleep Apnea disorder, its nothing but taking no breath (stops breathing), it happens by chronic snoring, When you don't breath need of oxygen comes more in the body and brain wakes up and disturbs the sleep and makes you to breath, since this happening by cessation of Carbon-Di-Oxide elimination, when more Carbon-Di-Oxide gets build up in the body induces to fainting or giddiness which may cause you not to breath permanently, in this way subject can stop breathing which may lead to death.

How to stop snoring?
        As we saw the causes of snoring, by stopping those things can get rid of snoring easily without any hospitalized treatments.

1. Alter sleeping positions:  
           Its better to change the positions frequently while sleeping, flat position are more prone to induce snoring, changing the positions to the different sides can reduce the level of snoring if its only by position induced or excessive tiredness. keep pillow under your shoulder to avoid makes collapsing of the airway by tongue or make pillow to your comfortable position at the lateral sides before sleep.

2. Good Exercise and weight management:
           Keeping body in a normal weight range is first step to lead a healthier life, do some aerobics or aerobics exercises to lose some weight till you reach your body weight according the body mass index calculation, the easy way to calculate normal body weight is minus 100 from your height in centimeters, the value comes is takes as kilograms of weight you should have to be.

3. Stop smoking and drinking Alcohol:
           Its a better way to stop alcohol or drug induces snoring disorders, since it’s difficult to stop for chronic smoker or chronic drinker finding alternate way could be very helpful to forget this habit, there are many smoking cessation ways which you can see here, and doing it in a regular basis can help in a better way also if it’s done along with exercise can prevent stress.

4. Take medications for sinus problems:
         If you think it’s because of sinus problems or nasal obstructions, the better option to find doctor near you and take medication to get rid of that, since it can be cured easily you can be relieved as soon as possible you treat the condition. 
        Also its important to take care of your neighbors, relatives or the humans you know who snores while sleep and instruct these simple techniques to lead a better life.

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