Friday, July 12, 2013

Walk daily to beat century ..!

       "Walking is the best exercise" we all heard this, i have the "lots of proof to beat century" by walking itself. "My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She's eighty-seven now we don't know where the heck she is". this is actually not mine this quote said by -Ellen Degeneres.

Lose weight :-
        Walking as several health benefits compare to other exercises, it helps in weight loss and weight management, prevent breast cancer, diabetes and many more benefits, mainly cardiac system gets better life and healthy hearts it makes, walking creates a link to your soul with your body, when you can feel what your body says you to do.

Boosts up your Stamina:-
        Walking builds and boosts up your stamina, when you walk with nature around you, your mind gets relaxed and body too, in this hectic busy world we couldn't care about ourselves and we need to run behind someone, so its better to spend sometime to take care of our body and lets listen what your body wants say to you,  while walking you can get a new ideas.

Prevent Heart attack:-
       Nowadays we see many people die because of Heart attack and cardiac problems, since there are lack of activity and which makes you to feel lethargy, causes more unwanted fats in the boy which causing occlusion to the cardiac coronary vessels, Heart attack means this vessels get blocked and ceases supply of the oxygen and nutrients to the cardiac muscles thus causing infarction.

Muscles like Iron:-  
        This is the very good exercise to get a good muscle strength compare to other exercises, when you walk you don't get a sprain or pain mostly, since this is normal to walk everyday, there is no side effects over the body muscles and organs, so your muscles gets tightening and keeps yourself fit like most of the athletes and actors be.

Bone strength :-
        Bone health is the important thing we need to take care of every-time, because it helps in our daily doings and activities, take a proper supplement to keep bone healthy and walk, actually walking itself gives a refreshment and strengthens each day, so even if you take supplement with your nutrition, then there will be no chance for arthritis and other bone issues.

Prevent depression:-
       This is the most psychological problem which persist all over the world, it cant be cured but it can be controlled by allopathy medications, but when we take a walk for sometime it improves mental health in a better way, even when you walk around the natural field even makes your heart to fly, and keeps your thinking and positive, helps to forget past and enjoy your present.

Prevent Diabetes:-
        There are many cause to get diabetes, this is the disease which cant be cured like previous one, it only can be controlled by the medications, since that its better to prevent before it comes, diabetes can be cured by doing lots of physical activities,even walking is the best exercise ever to prevent diabetes, so now take a water bottle and start walking before DM comes.

Prevent cancer:-
         We all heard that there is no medicine invented for cancer, since that this diseases should be prevent before it comes, walking is the best exercise to prevent cancer mainly breast cancer, since cancer causing cell starts to grow when there are many free radical which are the dead cells, when you start to walk regularly your body eliminates dead cells out of the body and grows new and gets you rid from cancer cells.

Makes you to beat century:-
        There are people walking daily since ten years before, i am now wondering till now there are no changes visible in them after they get older also, so walking is the best exercise to take your body till 100s with health and wealth, i checked them for any diseases or ill, there are no illness or diseases till now, they are totally clean, only credits to awesome walking,.

Come, lets all take a bottle of water and start walking,

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