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Prevent Breast Cancer to save life of loved ones

      Breast cancer can occur both sex in either female or male, Its a carcinoma which originates from Breast, but majority of  cancer happens only to females, Actually there is much mortality rate, its better to know how to prevent before it forms or starts, because in the year 2008 it reached 458,503 deaths because of breast cancer.

Causes of Breast cancer:-
     There is no reasons which causes of breast cancer, but experts say that there are risk factors

       Its common now that older woman gets breast cancer when she is more than 50+,  because of dead cells, Over 80% of old aged people gets breast cancer all over the world, when people get older cells are getting damaged by free radicals, free radicals mostly taken or eliminated by anti-oxidants, so it can be prevented while consuming anti-oxidants containing products like fruits and etc..

       Woman who have close relative who had a breast or ovarian cancer can likely to get breast cancer, but its not compulsory to get if close relatives had, it also not hereditary when some people don't get in this way, But no need to worry or afraid that you will surely get affected if relatives had, its actually to aware that may cause, so its always better to check and treat earlier

3.Late menopause:-
      When woman have late menopause more likely to have breast cancer because of more Estrogen exposure, since the periods start woman starts to get exposure of estrogen drops suddenly during menopause.

4.More alcohol intake:-
      Its more prone to woman to get cancer than men, so when woman consumes alcohol in a regular basis they more prone to get breast cancer, men shouldn't be happy because of that woman's are more prone, because men are dying each day because of cancer who smoke frequently and drink alcohol, but there are a people who get without these habits, it comes under other mentioned risk factors.

5.X-ray exposure:-
     When X-rays or CT done frequently to certain woman for diagnostic procedure, the more radiation exposure causes cancer, but if taken for diagnosis procedures actually shouldn't need to worry about that, usually who work in Radiology department more likely to get more radiation exposure, its better to give some period every three months  of work.

What kind of Symptoms to go to doctor:-
     It usually creates hard tissues when cancer cell grows around the breast wherever it may be, so you can feel outward and inward changes in breast, If patient feel any lump inside of the breast, changes in the shape or size of the breast, and some kind of contents like pus with blood comes out of breast nipples, these symptoms more likely to be of breast cancer, even lump itself not compulsory to should be the cancer, it may be normal lesion also.

     If you feel any one of these in this picture should consider about going to doctor and do certain check ups which are needed to check further.

What kind of check ups made in Hospitals ?, 
     Most of the woman's worry that will it be painful during check ups, no pain at all , there is only outer procedures till confirming, also there will be a fear if i have breast cancer what will happen, if you get found earlier its very simple to cure, so every woman more with the age of 40+ should undergo breast cancer check ups to find it earlier.

1.Breast Examinations:
     This is the simple examination which is performed by the physicians, you will be instructed to show your breast in a different angles after making you sit in a comfortable position, like rising your arms, and lifting your hands, after that physician performs to check is there any abnormalities in breast like lumps, changes in shape, rigidity of breast cells,

2.Mammogram (through X-ray):-
     This is main and important investigation to be checked, by taking x-ray of breast after making it position on the Pb(led ) plate, usually x ray appears in the picture of black and white, if there is lump it will be shown specifically more white, every woman with 40+ should undergo for this investigation which is instructed by American health Association to cure it earlier.

3.Ultrasound (Sonography):-
     It is best non-invasive method to check without any kind of pain, by keeping probe on skin surface with some lubrication radiologist can identify lump or lesion, any abnormalities persist inside, it shows if there are any lesion or lump it shows in that display in a black and white view, not only from breast from anywhere in the body it can be identified through ultrasound.

4.Cell Biopsy :-
        There is a peak growth in cytology department, but even now we couldn't complete the study of cell which created by god, when there identified carcinoma growth presents can be taken for biopsy to confirm that is that biopsy or some normal tumor, its done by giving local anesthesia to reduce the pain because the while the tissue taken for sample little pain and bleed will be there.

5.MRI ( Magnetic Resonance Imaging )Scan:
       This is a simple method of skin which performed non-invasive by inserting dye which will be resistance to the while imaging, it might be separated view, this is actually performed in the nuclear medicine department, by finding it earlier helps to give Pre-surgical chemotherapy in to prevent cancer cells in the earlier stage itself.
      Its responsible to spread this awareness all over the people to save life's of your loved ones, tell your closed ones, relatives, parents, and friends to do these simple procedure.
          "Life is easier than we think, so without complicating it we do our best till we live".

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