Monday, July 8, 2013

Beautician Banana

   There is a reason why banana is playing the beautician role, many actress during their personal interview after a successful movie, they say secrecy of their beauty is Banana.
      Its been said that "one apple a day keeps doctor away", but now daily tasting  "one banana a day keeps doctor too much away" because of the nutrient contents of banana more than an apple. Since ancient times traditionally banana is used in India for all kinds of programs and functions also with milk, the reason is one should be happy there has to be the presence of knowledge and health, so this is symbolically created like milk is for health, banana is for knowledge which was created by the ancient legends.

1. Top seven Health benefits of Banana:-
          There are lots of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, Iron and Phosphorus, much carbohydrates which will help you to bring you much energy to tasks, that's why two bananas is enough to workout for an hour which will supply the needs of the body and makes you stay energized without any tiredness, its most helpful who doing weight management, when you eat banana and workout for an hour you gonna lose more calories from your body, not only that its keeps you not get exhausted soon, if also taken with other fruits before workout for weight management , even whatever not presents in banana can be fulfilled with other fruits.

2. Banana is rich in Potassium:
      As there is much potassium in banana helps in circulatory system which is important to supply nutrients and oxygen to the vital organs like brain, lungs and heart. It also prevents from stroke, so if it is taken before bed can prevent stroke at night or unexpected time as it keeps good circulation, when circulatory system gets better and vital organs gets oxygenated, people will be active always not like lazy or lethargy at work all the time.

3. Prevent constipation:
      One of the important role of banana is makes free from constipation, most of the people struggles of constipation (hypochondria) which makes you feel stressed and depressed, couldn't concentrate on the tasks free minded, there is some kind of fiber presents in banana makes people to get rid from constipation to feel satisfied. Using other kinds of prescribed medications or laxatives makes more trouble and complication, natural made us the perfect solution by banana

4. Relieves from depression:
      Kind of protein presents in banana make hormonal changes and makes you to feel happier, its better to take banana to relieve pain during menstrual, because banana contains Vitamin B6 it helps body to keep normalized glucose level and also keeps your mood always activated to the positive side. Take banana to smile always.

5. Bananas for children's after play:
     After playing for children's or after long work of activity for adults will make body glucose to drop down drastically, in that time take two bananas with plain yogurt and add some honey grind it like a juice and drink it, it helps to calm down your stomach and normalizes the glucose level of body, and supplies all kinds of vitamins which are needed at the time of tiredness.

6. Helps to quite smoking:
    As there are many ways to quite smoking, banana has the special effect to help quite smoking, as we see in is smoking is injurious to health there are many smoking cessation complications and the preventing or alternate ways for that, as banana contains Vitamin B and some other minerals which makes body and mind not to affected by nicotine withdrawal.

7. Helps to cure Ulcers:
       As there are many reasons why people get ulcers even like psychological issues like depression also can make ulcers, As from the research of Siddhars they have got the result that yellow banana has the healing effects of ulcers, it helps to reduce the stomach acidity and keeps stomach calm and clean, making it natural way to help its intestinal health as well.

Its bad to take banana with food which most of the people doesn't realize, Its better to take banana with milk every morning and night.

Who shouldn't eat Banana ?

1. Chronic Asthma Patients
2. Long standing Diabetic patients
3. Epilepsy patients (seizure of upper and lower limbs)
4. Obesity patients.

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