Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Have some bigger "Resistance"!

                There are many definitions for Resistance from Wikipedia,the common definition is " the act or instance of resisting", in a medical term "the capacity to withstand something, especially the body's capacity to withstand disease"I am saying that life is resistance, unless you are a baby you need to have some resistance, Resistance pulls you toward success.
            Most of the succeeded people are passed through the endless resistance in life before their success, success wont come by biggest dream alone, needs some resistance to move it toward the result of potential side, Resistance insists you to move toward the opposite side, which makes you stronger than before ever,  "the more resistance the more potential you be".
          Newtons third law is regarding the motion, for every force there is an equal an opposing force, Dreaming big isn't enough to have a potential outcome, there are roadblocks in a roadside which reminding us about Newtons third law, even you force toward your goal (destination) something or lot of endless thing can be resisting on the way of success, this is not to make you fall or make you stop, this which makes you to take time to rectify your mistakes of past which can be helpful in success life, also makes you stronger ever before after rectifying, can go better speed afterwards towards destiny.
        We see in most of the biggest games has tiny small bonus rounds or small missions between every big mission, roadblocks can also be accepted as tiny rounds, so you better play these tiny rounds as important for success and can be taken as success in every tiny blocks, since need to have some force you can achieve that by these tiny bonus rounds or roadblocks.
        Some or most of the people may think that is why these obstacles to me? since other people doesn't have those ? this is the thing which should be understand mainly, since everything natural and earth is round what you do is up to you, the more obstacles means you need to be most strongest person to achieve what you are willing to achieve, before you achieve your main goal you need to finish or pass through those obstacles to become eligible.
      Its not possible to be baby till end of life, its better to be baby then, baby is the meaning of state of mind in emptiness without any education, education are insisting to think what the way they are in a aspect of life, but life is natural, since i told its natural everything has to come by natural, keep your mind empty as much as possible, since learning the things more important day today life, not learning is important than that to learn the natural, Natural can teach you everything to rule this world, needs some faith on natural.
        What you think comes to you, thinking positive forces outcome toward positive results, your rays towards others needs some concentration, negative rays can create something which you doesn't need ever, positive rays can open up others room of mind through your key of positive, positive thinking can take you to before god and make you to communicate with him.
        Take a look over the clock, the biggest thorn has a biggest responsibility which moves slowly, when others are running fast, slow and steady wins the rays always, "Do not force things which is not natural" this is old sayings but human has done lots of changes over the natural, then which could be the natural here, there are only unnatural persist now.
      Resistance leads a life, when there is no resistance you can feel the emptiness, this is what the ultimate thing, but since everybody has to lead  a life in a natural way needs some resistance behind human being to move forward, when mad dog barks and threatens you, its not possible to take and give a kiss and make it calm, you need to run anyway ! this is what resistance like, take action.

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