Friday, July 5, 2013

Why often many diseases and illness? Is there any way to prevent it ?

Be with Nature:-
    Of course there is simple ways to prevent many diseases and illness, there is no human being without diseases or illness in their body, For some it may be visible now when many couldn't be seeing it right now, because since we born our organs getting older each day until we die, there are certain fundamentals to prevent frequent illness.

1. Be clean:-
   Clean your ear wax weekly twice with smooth cotton cloth, when you use buds hard part of wax can be pressed back, stop using other things to clean your ear, it can cause severe injury which may lead to deafness, when ear wax got more tightness and too hard it can be removed by simple procedure by applying suction in many hospitals, when you feel reduced hearing power checking immediately is preventable option of major issues.

2. Don’t wear sweat:-
    Being for long time with heavy sweat is more prone for infection which leads to illness, within few minutes of sweating there will be fungus growth, more fungus growth can cause many skin problems like tinea vesicular which may appear abnormal and ugly, also wearing dress and inner wears immediately after bath also cause same problems

Don’t eat at hospital:-
3. Its better to avoid eating in hospital or near hospitalized places where patients and people frequently roaming, because when you eat it only takes infection inside to your stomach, there are vast range of infection lies at hospitalized places because of patients and people who come for acute treatments, if people is supporting patient needs to wear protection like face mast to prevent spreading of infection. Shouldn't take children and aged people to hospital except there is no way.

4. Clean your plate:-
     If plates or vegetable are not cleaned properly in hostel or hotels, it also can lead to infection called Amebiasis, After eating  passing stools immediately, if ignored it may lead to chronic problem which reduces immunity power and puts you in major trouble,  its always better to eat food at home, I am not saying about civilized countries like US, Europe, I appreciate their packing techniques and disposable items, so it may be sterile till we have it, every country politicians has to take note of this and take action over food items at least to prevent many diseases and hospitalization

5. Don’t drink beverages frequently:-
     Avoid drinking teas, coffee, soda, or other beverages frequently, it’s better to drink more water frequently, don't be sitting at one place always, walk around for some time, avoid using lifts using stairs is the best way to know body endurance, but not always because if you go by stairs for more than ten floors you need a structure to take you to go more than that.

6. Don’t sit before computer for long:-
      Who works at computer always like bloggers or computer engineers and many other computer professionals has to avoid sitting before computer more than two hours, watching the things which is after twenty feet is the one better exercise for eyes, washing eyes frequently is also leads to better refreshment, more strain to eyes may cause many health issues.

7. Get some oxygen:-
    Open the windows while cooking, because the fog which comes out while cooking is bad to respiratory system, none of the smoke is good to lungs since its made up of soft tissues, lung is the most important organ to live and to breath, it supplies oxygen which is important for life, none of the machine can be made like lungs, there is nothing can be equalized before nature

8. Don’t smoke:-
    Chain smoking, using Nicotine contains products continuously into mouth leads to lose softness of the soft tissues inside of the mouth, this is the starting stage of cancer, which is the one of the hell of taking life out from humans, there are vast range of increasing percentage who affects by cancer, there is no way to cure unless we prevent it.

9. Eat breakfast:-
     To prevent stomach cancer, first step is to stop ignoring breakfast, it is compulsory to have food at morning since overnight been empty stomach with lot of hydro chloric acids which will be secreted, its initially starts with ulcer if ignored untreated, small wounds starts to become bigger and then causes fistula on intestine, which needs hospitalized treatment, then leads to cancer even treated for fistula, that's why prevention is better than cure, it’s better to do endoscopy if ulcer persist more than forty years

10. Night sleep is more important to workout:-
    Whoever does night duty or who don’t sleep at night because of some reasons or work load, whatever they better to avoid going to gym at morning, since it only creates major problems to health instead of benefits, it may lead to major lose in immunity power which can also lead to auto immune diseases, since there is no specific reasons to get autoimmune disorder it’s better to prevent. It’s better to avoid tattoos on body in a unhealthy way since it causes many health issues.

Live healthy, live full.

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