Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Should i really eat Onion ?

Top seven health benefits of Onion      

      Since the ancient time of the world onion has proving its power over human health, “even onion makes you cry and think about old memories, it provides good health to  you” till now there is research going on onion, in the university of London there is continuous serial research over onion is showing different kind of result and information each day, Scientists are wondering about health effects of onion.

1.Protects central nervous system:-
       Onion protects cell of neurons and central nervous tissues, it also reduces the blood pressure thus reducing the risk of stroke and which leads to the permanent weakness, in the Siddha medicine onion has the special place in treating many diseases, stroke is increasing all over the world which makes sudden death also, it is only can be prevented not cured.

2.Cure Piles :-
       This is the trouble making condition of human beings, since we shouldn't be normal as like others, who had this have to suffer daily, it can be prevented through onion and also can be cured slowly through onion, the medication which provided by allopathy medications has many kind of complications and side effects its better to prevent before it comes.

3.Stop impotence:-
        This is major problem among many men  which makes unhappy in the family life with the partner, onion boost up your energy level and makes you to get rid of impotence, thus makes you to enjoy your life with partner, so its better not to forget about onion ever since it makes us happy and healthy, but sometime it only makes us to cry when no one does.. !

4. Prevent Cataract :-
            This is the condition where clouding happens by the unwanted bile and makes to lose vision, it usually happens at the age of 40 for men, it cant be cured or removed without surgery, but it usually don't happens to woman who cook daily with onion, because onion makes to cry while peeling it unwanted bile comes out through tears, if woman gets mostly it will be at the age of 60 +, it can be taken with small surgical procedure by giving local anesthesia.

5.Boosts immunity :
           There are many diseases comes along with lose of immunity, since immunity is the one and only defense system of our body, it only has to fight with harmful organisms,onion contains many Phyto nutrients which boost up immunity power, its basically done by Phyto nutrients worked with vitamin C and you get powered immunity.

6.Prevent Diabetes :-
        This is the most seen disease often people get today, it actually nothing but increased glucose level in the body, when sugar level gets increased organs couldn't be able to handle it, but since onion Contains chromium it has the power to normalize the  blood sugar in the body, but you may think when we peel onion it doesn't have anything inside of it., but it has, don't think ever that you alone really thinking.

7.Prevent Cancer :-
       This is the most effective work ever done by onion, it contains the ingredient like quercetin which prevents most of the cancer cells in the body, thus protecting you from free radicals, as all of us know that cancer is the killing disease, we need to protect ourselves from getting cancer and prevent it before it attacks us and our loved ones.

"An onion can make people cry but there's never been a vegetable that can make people laugh".

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