Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to get healthy beautiful eyes ?

          "Eyes are the most amazing creation in human body", living in this fastest world there is no time to take care of eye to keep it healthy, its good to know the simple basic things to keep eyes healthy to prevent worrying about damage when its get worse, people also who have vision or other issues can apply this solution for them to get healthy eyes.

1.Give good nutrition to your eyes:-
            Eat lots of vegetables and fruits, both are very rich in Vitamins and minerals, our body requires just 24 vitamins and minerals, if you can provide adequately in a daily basis, you can take your body more than 100 years healthy, we heard that carrots are good to eyes, but all the dark green veges are best, don't leave any kind of green veges and leafs in your food, they are very important to make your eyes.

2.Smoking cessation :-
           Even smoking is a worst habit ever it very difficult to give up without courage, can try to give it up with alternate methods of smoking mentioned here, Smoking makes damages to every organs of the body, since all the organs are interrelated eyes also gets affected with a major damage, eyes will start to get yellowish since liver enzymes are increased, so try to stop smoking.

3.Get cooling to your eyes:-
        Wearing sunglasses for style is usual but it takes care of your eyes, there are many kinds of harmful rays from sun which makes damages to the eye tissues and skin both interior and external, so try to get a UV resisting sunglasses to wear it whenever go out, you can also feel pleasurable when wearing sunglasses which is available in a different varieties.

4.Weight management:-
        This is important to keep you healthy and also keep yourself beauty, obesity also interrelated to the eye vision loss, Obesity induces diabetes mellitus, people who get diabetes are more prone to vision loss, keeping weight in a normal range is the best thing ever to be healthy, eat less and stay healthy , but some people get obesity by hereditary needs to consider with physicians.

5.Infection control :-
        Wear some protective wearing while being in highly infected places, mostly hospitalized workers will be provided goggle for doing work for eyes not to get contaminated, so its better not to ignore that, and while doing work at garden or cleaning toilet need to wear some eye protective wearings, its available in many eye care shops for eye protecting goggles or shield.

6.Give break to your eyes:-
      As there is saying too much of anything is bad, looking at computer all the time is also bad to health of your eyes, so follow this rule after one or two hours look something strange or fresh in nature by taking 20 minutes break, it makes your eyes to resolve any problems or strains if you had give, or better option to take a nap for sometime.

    Take a regular check up with your eye doctor, if there is any starting stage of issues you can make it clear immediately before it gets severe problems.

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