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Cure pimples in a natural way before it makes permanent scar on your skin

  What is pimples mean ?
      It is usual skin infection everyone goes under, It is the dirty or shit or whatever you call on your face when body going under hormonal changes (you get matured), nobody actually can prevent it, there is sebaceous gland (oil glands) on skin in a certain places of body including face, when hormonal changes occurs these gland starts to secret more oil which gets infected then when there is no proper hygienic of skin, sometimes even with the maximum possible hygienic techniques it comes, so its better to know how to reduce the infection level and size of pimples, there are basically two techniques of options available for this, first one is the traditional techniques or home remedies and latest prescribed medications or cosmetics, we see one by one following

Traditional methods to get rid of pimples:-
    This is actually the cheap and best effective technique to remove pimples, by using things from home is simple and can be done routinely,

1.Tomato mask:-
      Just apply tomato juice all over the place of face till it spreads over the pimples and skin, its easiest effective method to cleanse your skin from bacteria, after packing with tomato juice, wash with plain water instead of soap water after leaving it for 15 minutes at least, when you wash with soap the essential ingredients of tomato may get washed,

2. Rub slice of potato :-
      Take a slice of fresh potato and rub all over the face like we did for tomato, any topical applications should be tried at night time before bed, because when we take rest body starts to repair all the damages and removes dead cells out at deep sleep, when we use topical applications it actually induces the process by helping with essential vitamins, potato has Vitamin C which makes your skin to glow after the application, when you usually be at home like week ends times can be applied at day time too, after keeping it at least for 15 minutes wash or take shower.

3.Garlic clove :-
      Garlic basically has many kinds of health benefits, it actually contains anti-oxidant ingredients which is very useful to get out dead cells of the body, also garlic contains sulfur which is very helpful for pimple to give up its strength, take one clove of garlic and cut it vertically and rub it all over the skin, if you worry about smell you can get a plastic cover glove and wear it when using garlic, after leaving it for 5 minutes wash your skin with mild warm water, garlic can be taken orally to clear the blood stream dirt's, Garlic not only cure pimples also prevents from the black ugly scar.

4. Awesome Cucumber:-
        Cucumber has a vast range of health benefits including it helps to get rid of pimple and acne, basically it has a rich contents of Vitamins which is helpful to maintain healthy skin, it contains Vitamin A, C and E, which are all essential to skin, Vitamin E makes the skin actually, it is the one of the most wonderful ingredient of cucumber, this is also used for wrinkles or blackening under eyes, take cucumber and cut horizontally into slices and rub all over the face, alternatively it can be taken orally or wash regularly with the water which cucumber got immersed for one hour, its also the best effective remedy to get rid of pimples.

5.Healer Lemon juice:-
       Lemon has a good anti-oxidant effect also it contains Vitamin C which makes cells glow like anything, to  get a better result wash face before applying lemon juice with plain water or steam your skin by making steam water pour it in a basin just close your face on that with towel or bed sheet till all of your face covered, it actually helps to open up pores of acne, after doing this take a two table spoon of lemon juice and apply gently with cotton all over the face, to stop burning sensation dilute with little water, if you doesn't bother about that its even better for better result. Take lemon juice if possible.

6.Anti-Oxidant Papaya:-
      All fruits of god made contains anti-oxidants which is very useful to prevent from diseases, papaya is too contain anti-oxidants means exfoliating power, which takes off dead cells from body, take a raw papaya and make it crush and make it juice apply all over the face, also take pulp of papaya and eat get in anti-oxidants into blood stream.

   Even there are more remedies available, what i mentioned above is effective and people can get easily without any strain at home itself, so take advantage of it and get a better results.

What is prescribed medications ?
      Dermatologist prescribe Benzoyl peroxide or solicylic acid and antibacterial agent like triclosan, this contents mostly available in the form of cream or gel which can be applied topically over the skin, to apply cream wash your face with anti bacterial soap or warm water to cleanse your skin and open the pores, then apply cream, its better to apply at night time before sleep.

What Cosmetics Can be used ?
       Many cosmetic products are availble in the market, even you cant choose all of that plainly, there is simple thing to understand before buy it.

    Skin has to be prepared to apply cosmetic over the skin, for this reason cleanser is used. Cleanser basically cleanses all the dirt's which are unwanted and clears all kinds of dead cells from the skin which may restrict the work of cosmetics, so go for cleanser initially and apply it with your hand and leave it for some time for at least 2- 3 minutes.

     This is the best cosmetic to use after cleanser, use toner on your skin after cleansing it properly. The benefit of toner is to toning your skin in the better way for next product, apply toner with smooth cotton because mostly its available in the form of liquid and leave it for 3-4 minutes.

     This is the boss of those two things which we have seen previously, after applying those two on your face take some amount of moisturizer and apply well all over the damaged, black scared skin and over the pimples.

These three products may give good result like home remedies.

 We'd love your feedback on this, Please comment and let us know.

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