Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Melting belly herb is Pineapple !

1.Rich Vitamins and Minerals:-
        The most powerful effect from pineapple is melting the belly fats, it can not be realized by many people but its well proven by many researches and studies, The nature's gift pineapple has many vitamins and minerals which gives more health effects to human body, Since pineapple contains Vitamin A, B and C, it makes belly to become flattened ever before.

2.Helps to get rid of constipation:-
         Contains rich protein in it, not only that also contains more fibers and iron which can be very helpful for digestive system, helps mainly for constipation patients to get rid of tightness and bowel obstruction, increases Hb level and produces more blood cells thus increasing blood volume in the body which makes skin more shinier and healthy to appear young.

3.Increases the flow of Blood:-
          Not only increases the flow of energy over the body, also boosts up the immune system which helps body to fight against many life threatening diseases, whoever been experiencing the condition of chronic anemia or less blood circulation in the body, pineapple can be very helpful to those kind of people which helps body to secret more blood thus curing anemia completely.

4.Prevent Gall stone:-
          Nowadays many people struggle with gall stone which cant be cured non-invasive without surgery, there is a way to get rid of gall stones, take old pineapple fruits, after making it small pieces let it dry till all the juice gets out of pineapple until it becomes like chips, take some chips with tumbler of milk  before half an hour going to bed for 48 days continuously to get rid of more bile secretion.

5.Beautify Yourself:-
          To slow down the ageing process take a glass of pineapple juice everyday, also makes skin more shinier and glowing like ever before, mainly the face gets more bright and beauty for younger woman's, even for younger woman's pineapple melting the belly fat, mainly post delivery period woman's use to get bigger belly for some reason even for this pineapple is the good solution.

6.Treat many diseases Naturally:-
       Make a pineapple juice at night and drink in a empty stomach immediately after waking up at morning, can see the biggest difference in a belly size within a few days, if taken pineapple juice with honey regularly for 40 days all kinds of ENT problems can be cured easily without medical treatment, for example one side headache, double side headache, all kinds of eye diseases, all kinds of ear diseases, all kinds of teeth problems, throat related problems, oral ulcers, some Neurological conditions, dementia, syncope gets complete cure if taken pineapple regularly.

7.Cures jaundice:-
        Hepatic diseases can be cured naturally and easily through pineapple, whoever takes alcohol for long period of time can take pineapple regularly to revert the effects of alcohol over the liver function, pineapple can give cure to jaundice soon easily if taken daily. who lost more blood through past surgery or whoever seems too weak can take pineapple to secrete more blood and to boost up their energy in a tremendous level ever before, pineapple is the good tonic for those kind of people.

8.Boosts up Immunity:-
       Nausea patients use to feel more vomiting sensation at morning time, also the people who experience giddiness, hungry tiredness can take pineapple as remedy, pineapple also performs the important role in purifying blood, strengthening digestive system, and cleaning the intestine. If continuously taken for 40 days can see better outcome in health and beauty, Pineapple also good pain killer, preventing eye defectiveness, Can we all start to eat pineapple which boosts up immunity power in body.

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