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How to do pregnancy test at home? Is it bad for health to do abortion frequently ?

       Pregnancy test can be done in a easy way at home itself, this is actually done by looking for the presence of pregnancy hormone which means HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) which presents at blood or urine, it can be found by doctor only in blood, but urine test can be done at home itself by following simple steps, be aware that if HCG hormone test can be performed for cancer test also if its positive unless you are not pregnant.

  • Wait until your first missed period before doing pregnancy test at home, most of the time woman producing this hormone at the day 6th when egg cell and sperm cells got merged, so waiting for one week after your missed period will be more accurate when one day will be 99 percent accurate.
  • Its varies according to the testing products and brands, so its always better to read instructions which is written on guidance book with the product.But will go through what actually most of the products instructs to check pregnancy at home.
  • Take a small disposable clean or sterile cup to collect urine, collect the urine in that cup, if instructed check with the stream urine sit into toilet and check with urine by keeping the strip, otherwise after collecting the urine, put some drops inside of that strip over the mentioned area.
  • Then wait for at least from 2 to 5 minutes to confirm it, usually the instruction guidance have the digital display like mentioned on the guide. 
  • Usually its got mentioned like pregnant and image, non-pregnant and with image, and invalid like mentioned in this picture, so easily comparing this picture with the strip you can come to conclusion.
  • Do this test after a week again to confirm that what is shown in the previous week.

What will happen to health if abortion done frequently or many times?

  1. Death:-
    This is usually occurs when woman doing a abortion for the fourth time, according to the study which have been done at Finland, its proved that there is a higher risk of death for woman who does abortion for the fourth time, no risk when that woman carries her pregnancy, it mostly happens with the causes like Hemorrhage, epilepsy,, etc... also may lead to suicide attempt if psychologically affected.
  2. Cancer:-
           This is the common now when woman does even single abortion also, this is mainly occurs in the cervical, ovarian and liver cancers, as i already mentioned earlier woman starts to secret pregnancy hormone it also called cancer hormone, when you got a cancer doctors do this hormone test to confirm it, so body irregulates this hormone when abortion done frequently, its sure to get a cancer when abortion done for more than four times.
  3. Placenta Previa :
           Placenta is the organ in the growing fetus which connects to the uterine wall and where it takes all the nutrients contents and waste eliminations and where gas exchange also takes place, its mainly gets affected during the wanted pregnancy time if abortion done for more than four times, it is most major issue in the many labor, it causes hemorrhage and excessive bleed. which makes to the life threatening issue to the mother and fetus.
  4. Preterm delivery :
           The woman who does abortion for three or four times, are more likely to have the risk of preterm delivery for the next wanted pregnancy, it may cause major problems to mother and also to fetus mainly in the congenital problems of formation of organs, the baby will be having many problems after birth, it should be avoided for this kind of woman to save the life of baby
  5. Immediate complications :
           The woman who going for abortion also has the risk of immediate abortion for the 10% of woman, in that 2% may go for death or life threatening complications, the most complications which occurs post abortions are infection, excess bleeding, epilepsy, cervical injuries etc.. which makes to stay at intensive care unit for the long time with mechanical ventilation (artificial breathing).
The woman should think of these complications in mind if she undergoes for abortion these are the five most complications and risks occurs for most of the woman's who does frequent or many abortions, be aware of your life and save life's.

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