Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Masturbation can increase your self-esteem

     Various studies have shown that health benefits of masturbation varying for both sex, Mainly leads to healthy life, it helps in Psychological and Pathological health benefits in both sex, People may think that urge to masturbate is something wrong according to cultures so that they could get a guilty feel or shame, but there are vast range of potential health benefits for men and woman who masturbate regularly.
          Some surveys are proving that most of the people masturbate once a week or twice, but it seems to the lower rate, because doctors advice is "its a part of healthy life, totally harmless and safe". "It’s healthier than brushing your teeth daily"

Helps to relieve depression:-
         Many studies has proven that masturbation helps in preventing depression, There are hormones which starts secreting when you get tension such as epinephrine and dopa-mine to calm down your mind to the normal, this leads to relaxed mood, many studies have shown this, when become aroused during masturbation may stimulate this hormones to secret more thus changes the depressive mood to the pleasure.

Lower the risk of type 2 diabetes:-
        Diabetes happens when there is a fat accumulation of body or obesity syndrome, type 2 diabetes is nothing but non-insulin dependent Diabetic Mellitus, while masturbating there is a much chance to burn some calories and fat too, thus reducing body fat can be the reward to lower the risk of getting type 2 diabetes in men and woman for both of the sex.

Masturbation is a good cardio exercise:-
           Men or woman who feel more orgasm and masturbate, they are most likely to prevent coronary Heart disease (CHD), Coronary Heart Disease happens when there is no proper blood supply to the heart muscles when this coronary artery gets blocked by some foreign substances, regular masturbation can induce the proper circulation and gives some work load to heart muscles thus prevents CHD.

Prevents cancer:-
          By masturbating five times a week, men’s are more likely to prevent prostate cancer which has proven through Australian study in 2003, "It means rubbing out all cancer causing cells out of body through masturbation". Alternatively for woman it prevents Cervix infections, because when woman more orgasm cervix gets open up.

Prevents Insomnia:-
         Insomnia is the sleepless disorder which makes you not to sleep according to your desired time also which will make you asleep afterwards full day time, through regular masturbation the relaxations hormones are produced, during more orgasm the Dopa-mine "feel-good hormone" are produced, after the climax the relaxation hormones Oxytocin and endorphin's are released to feel the warmth which makes you asleep.

Boosts up Immunity:-
        Ejaculation also increases the Cortisol hormone level in the body says Jennifer Landa M.D. from hormone therapy. This hormone is released as a process of relieving stress, actually helps to boost immunity when Cortisol produced in small doses thus "producing right environment to boost immunity power" says Landa.

Makes muscles stronger and tight:-
       Day by day age increases and losing muscle tone is usual thing, Weekly at-least five times rock solid (Masturbation) exercise induces the strong pelvic muscles workout also improving muscle tone, This mainly helps to maintain a shape of pelvic without any loose muscles or fat.

                       "Having extra curricular activities is good"

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