Thursday, July 11, 2013

Is it good for health eating Papaya in summer ?

            We all heard that papaya causes more heat to our body, but in most of the summer only papaya is available, is it good or bad to eat in summer, its good and will never make any kind of health issues to our body in summer or winter, when people starts to eat papaya never stops since papaya will never make hesitation, but "too much of anything is bad" papaya causes more heat, even in summer makes more complication if not taken controlled, leads to diarrhea, etc..
         We also heard that people say woman should not eat papaya, its totally wrong woman should eat papaya daily two pieces at least, since papaya contains phyto-chemical which can reduce excess body fat in a tremendous way, after the menopause woman may struggle with overweight, increased blood pressure and knee pain, when woman consumes papaya regularly she starts to lose weight thus getting rid of those pain.
        Also woman after menopause will be having excess of loose muscles over the hip, but, arms and thighs, in these time woman should continue consuming papaya regularly to keep her fit and also to reduce those excess unwanted muscles, papaya also makes woman to look beautiful, in the shape and reverting the glowing of body.
       Generally papaya is very good for Natural color of hair, to skin, clear vision, and healthy kidneys, its better not to ignore papaya in any seasons.

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