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Why Road Traffic Accidents are increased nowadays? how to escape ?

       There are 3400 people die everyday on road, and tens of millions of people injured every year, and the injured people never return home as they were, they become handicapped,coma, brain dead, multi-organ failure, what about the kind hearts who are waiting out of ICU with "hope on doctors and on God", most of the Patient's age is under 40 years,There are poor people who are not affordable of treating in a good corporate hospital for better care, we go for the glance why it occurs and how to prevent

The common causes of RTA

I) primary reason is not following the traffic rules
II) drunk and drive
III) Damaged pathways or roads
IV) Increasing population
V) poor politics
VI) Sudden stroke or heart attack to driver
VII) Over speed
VIII) Inexperienced driving
IX) Without Self Protectives (seat belts, helmet)

What should do for first aid immediately after accident
      If accident occurs while you travel with some people or to other people on road, you can help the people to keep alive till ambulance arrives,

Be safe, your safety is more important than the people who are injured, so check for dangers around you, signal to the vehicles on the road to stop them, get help from bystanders and lift the patient to the safest place from the road and resuscitate

Check for how many people got injured, to inform to the ambulance service you need to know this, also confirm where you are accurately to inform the exact place to ambulance to arrive,
Call ambulance Tell this step wise to them
1.Where are you
2.what has happened (describe the accident)
3.How any people are injured
4.Tell whether the people are bleeding and breathing

Call ambulance  It is important to have medical support when the people get injured, so call ambulance immediately (108 in India)

If many people are injured, check who are bleeding much and unconscious , because people who are awake they are actually out of risk to life, concentrate more on the people who are unconscious

There is more bleeding, there is more chance to die, so stop bleeding by giving pressure on the site, if bleeding is on anterior part make then lie down in a supine position

Then check for pulse by checking it on carotid artery on neck( between trachea and sternocleidomastoid muscle), if you are novice keep your ear on the center portion of the chest of the patient and hear heart beat for 10 seconds, if there is no sound or there is no pulse start compression on mid chest to circulate the blood to brain and all over the body, continue it till ambulance arrives

How to escape from Road accident:

    Its better to prevent or escape from Road accidents because it causes more deaths and expenses, the cost of these accidents Rs.550 crores or 12.5 billion dollars every year,

Obey traffic rules, It is kept for your safe journey, so obey traffic rules, keep 10 meter distance from other vehicle and show appropriate signals during turn

Go slow (FOOLS SPEED), Keep your vehicle under your control, even speed thrills, speed kills so its better to be careful, Mainly go slow on specific places like schools, hospitals, markets, rural area, hill places.

Wear self protections , Road accidents mainly causes severe head injury, so its better to wear helmet while you travel, and wear seat belts to prevent more injuries

Check vehicle before drive, It is important to check your vehicles break and other parts before you travel,

Political,  Road has to be good to prevent accidents, it should be taking care by politicians and government officers, if road exist damaged inform to your local concern fellow to take further action

Read caution sign, Its important to notice caution signs to prevent the areas more prone of accidents

Do not drunk and drive, This is most commonest cause of RTA, so its better to stay healthy for long, drunk and drive causes more dangers to the society also

Most of these all is, you should be careful while you drive by concentrating only on driving, because there are people waiting for you at home, so have a safe journey :)

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