Friday, June 28, 2013

Top ten health benefits of Pomegranate

    Pomegranate has vast range of health benefits, thus often called Nature's Power Fruit. Fruit itself has  attractive color and delicious which makes water in tongue, Pomegranate is been kept in a special place at ancient Egypt, it was the symbol of prosperity and ambition. it also occupied great place in Greek, It is best known remedy in Indian Ayurveda medicine against diarrhea, dysentery and intestinal parasites, not only the fruit also leaf, fruit rind, seeds, dried bark, stem and root has host of health benefits.

     Pomegranate has lot of vitamins and minerals, has calcium which is helpful in increasing bone density, and iron, thus preventing from diseases

1.Improves Immunity and Prevent cancer:
Prevents from infection by increasing body immunity , As it contains anti-oxidants which is very helpful in preventing cancer, mainly breast cancer, also gives better skin health to be young and glowing skin, also lowers your age by ten years if consumed daily

2.Get healthy heart:
Gives protection to heart by increasing circulation flow and prevents blood clots occludes blood vessels which supplies oxygen to the heart muscles,

3.Improves brain function:
Improves brain function by protecting small capillaries of brain from waste plaque which stops blood and oxygen supply to the brain,

4.Prevents Gall stones:
Prevents and cures from gall bladder stones , which may cause severe stomach pain initially which never  cures unless operating the stone out
       Who can say this is painting ? amazing Art girl with Pomegranate 

5.Hydrates body:
Pomegranate has the great effect of hydrating body organs, mainly summer time body has to bear and neutralize body temperature, during this season pomegranate helps keenly by increasing fluid level in the body

6.Stops constipation:
This is best medicine for piles, prevents and cures constipation if consumed as whole fruit by delivering lot of fibers into the body

7.Improve digestion:
Improves digestion for adults and children, increases the water level in the body of kids thus keeps active all the day

8.Cures severe cough:
Dried flower petals made as powder can be consumed with honey, taking one table spoon a day can cure severe or chronic cough, fever gets reduced body gets chillness

9.Gain weight:
who lost weight in long standing hospital admision and who are weak and lean can consume pomegranate to gain weight and strength, Diabetes patients can consume pomegranate, but should consume little to prevent increased sugar level in blood stream

10. Better sex:
It gives more strength to who has impotence, and produces more sperm and blood to the body

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