Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Why Gym ??

           People come with many purposes to gym, younger’s use to come with ambition to become like particular actors they got admired by,  some people come in the willing to reduce their weight to get a better self esteem, some people use to come to have a relaxation time from their tight work schedule and pressure, whatever it is! This is actually good habit to go to gym regularly, but the above said people may stop coming to gym at certain point of time, still there are people to do exercise regularly like their daily doings, and there are certain benefits to go to gym and workout regularly with proper training.
      Basically exercise improves physical skill and also mental health to finish given difficult task; there is wide   range of health benefits of going to gym. It is important for maintain physical fitness which increases muscle strength, and stamina. Exercise reduces the cortisol hormone level in the body which causes many problems to physical and mental health, it’s better not to be lazy because reduced physical activity contributes to 17% of heart diseases and diabetes, So doing physical exercise can prevent these things also it prevents high BP, Obesity syndrome, insomnia and depression.
     Doing exercise can’t be beneficial to everyone, some may get it or may not get at all, it’s also depends genetic variations, some people say that whatever you do at gym it only by your gene coding, it’s not true! Actually we can contribute new coding of physic to our gene, so doing workout in a proper way may give good results according to the effort.

Boost up your immune system and stamina,
       There any many diseases spreads all over the population, doing physical exercise can contribute better immune system, my gym master is actually above sixty years old gentleman, he use to workout daily also he workouts when he get a high grade fever or any kind of temporary illness, he never goes to hospital except physical workout, he is the inspiration to all youngsters, so exercise boosts up immune system to fight with organism which creates inflammation, but high intensity trainers like marathon are more prone to infection and inflammation, but taking vitamin c supplements are helpful for them, so exercise surely provides anti-inflammatory effect to body.

Get a healthy heart
       I think we need to learn a lot from heart, because it works all the time for us without any expectations, there are arteries names coronary arteries which supplies oxygen to the heart muscles to get energy to work, when excess of body unwanted fat accumulates it passes through the blood and occludes artery and causes cessation of oxygen supply to the heart which may lead to heart attack or arrest, so exercise improves blood flow through washing and burning all the bad fats, also exercise induces heart muscles to get a strength and gets thickening, by doing so it prevent life threatening disease like ischemic heart disease and heart attack.

Be intelligent
        Being intelligent is the tough now days, because we kept our brain in a cold storage! We think that we going to use it in a future, being lazy makes our brain not to work, physical activity, regular workouts improves circulation and blood flow to get a good oxygen supply to the brain tissues, it enhances the performance of the brain to be active all the day

Be happy
        Loneliness is the notable cause of depression to most of the people, depression is nothing but it’s a kind of low self esteem and stress of not doing something according to willing; now a day’s depression affects every human even at a smallest age, people get under self esteem by their physical appearance mainly, doing daily workout increases self esteem to the peak by getting fitness and attractive physical appearance, some people get over confident and don’t care about others who are always love to be with them, actually this is not a right way to be, even if you get a boosted confident level by doing workouts, you need to be good to everyone and has to be responsible to every kind.

Sleep well
        People don’t sleep when they are too happy and also when they are too sad, these two things affects all human kinds regularly, but there are people who sleeps nicely whatever happens, I couldn't understand what mechanism is going on with them, but I can tell sure that who does physical activity daily gets a peaceful sleep daily, because working out make you tired and muscle needs rest to recover which stimulates brain to fall you asleep, it prevents insomnia and cures insomnia and sleep deprivation, daily workout without proper rest is nothing but waste of time and killing yourself, because over training induces to the serious life threatening issues to our body. taking at least eight hours sleep is the best to recover damaged or tiered muscle tissues.

         Even exercise has this much positive health effect doing excessive or vigorous exercise causes many damages to health, also leads to life threatening situations, beginners should slowly increase their time and weight day by day according to the trainer, Nutrition is important to achieve proper function of all organs of the body, it’s more important during workouts.

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