Saturday, June 29, 2013

Top Eight Reasons why people get Asthma

         Now a days people often get asthma, its a kind of respiratory Airway disease, this condition put people into struggle to manage day to day life, it can be caused by loss of immunity power thus causing allergy and more sensitive of respiratory airways, if any stimulants or foreign bodies enters(air pollution), may causes airway to constrict and disturbs air to move in this condition, there are many reasons why do people get asthma, its better to know to prevent before it comes.

1.Allergens from Pets (Epidermal allergens) :
    There are pet animals at almost every home, for protection , for entertainment, Even there is many reasons to have a pet there are multiple complications presents which can affect our health and also may lead to life threatening issues. skin, hair, urine, poops of animals gets mixed with air at home like a small pieces which changes like stimulants, who has the sensitive and allergy while they breath these contents leads to asthma.

2.Cotton plants :
    Most of the cloths made from the cotton plants, Custard plant. When this plants are properly used on dresses,it use to come out when dried after washing, and also comes out by air while wearing, woolen dresses are sweaters also do the same thing when wearing, when allergy or sensitive person inhales or breaths in, it causes stimulation to the airway reception thus causing severe cough, leads to Asthma.

3.Vegetable gums:
    Plants like Garaya, Agasia and Tragaganth has the gum like element which often changes allergic properties on air like permanent wave set lotions, when this enters respiratory tract who has allergy leads to Asthma, chronic cough and sever irritation to the respiratory system.

    Nowadays there is no plant grown without insecticides, even people wear protective products when its mixing with air travels all over, when inhaled by the person who has allergy causes more respiratory irritation and sever cough , asthma. Dried flower from the plant Chrysanthemums used as insecticides (pyre-thrum), particularly this creates aeroallegens which causes more allergic reactions on humans

5.Climate changes:
      This is the main reason people often get asthma and allergic reactions, when humidity increases in air, it contains water particles in it which caused by the climate, it creates asthma to the sensitive person, even too dry air can cause more irritation and lead to asthma, the wind before rain these kinds also causes asthma to the hypersensitive individuals.

6.Air pollution:
      Air pollution is mainly caused by humans, there was no asthma kind of disease in ancient period, this is because of increasing industries and factories mainly, science improves the humans life also causes more diseases and reduces lifespan, we are happy that scientists are trying to jump from planet to planet, but what happens when we consider of human health, the industrial pollution's and smog which comes from factories also from the vehicles which mingles with air, causes asthma to the hypersensitive individuals.

7. Carbon monoxide gas:
      In the places where highest traffic persist, the maximum range of carbon monoxide is 220 PPM, the people who are healthy even though they couldn't feel any ill immediately , the day after some times they feel the irritation in the throat, persistent cough, nasal irritation, eye infection irritation.

8.Particulate matters:
      Other waste products from factories like fog, mist, dust, smoke, soot also can cause issues which is mentioned above.

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