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Top five health benefits of olive oil

            I was using many oils except olive oil, but when I started to write article about olive oil, I just wondered that olive oil is sufficient for a healthier life to live longer as much we want, there is a woman who is still living at her age of 122 years with youthful glowing skin named Jeanne Calment, these credits only from her daily consumption of olive oil also she uses topically, Most recently, Sophia Loren, who is still being named as “most beautiful” woman at her 70s, only credits to her olive oil baths and consumption, Also there is a proof from bible that the Persian king Xerxes wives were using olive oil to make their appearance beautiful,

1.Get Beautiful skin unlike others

    Clean and sensitive shiny skin :The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans had no soap to take bath, instead they were using olive oil, they massaged it all over the body and skin, after leaving it for sometime they took bath, By doing so it removes not only the dirt from skin, also removes the dead cells and prevents skin from becoming dull, also it can be used as moisturizer(after shower lotion) on body , face, hands, Antioxidant properties of olive oil prevents the cells from oxidizing which makes your skin to look            (premature ageing)older prematurely

    Make your lips look beauty : Lips becomes too hard and dry also white during seasonal changes, most of the people go for petroleum jelly to get rid of this, here is the option who tends to use natural remedies for this, by combining olive oil with equal parts of  beeswax ( a wax secreted by bees from which they make honeycomb) and make it like a cream, put into a small glass jar and apply it on your lips for healthy and beautiful lips.

    Make your feet smooth and soft : Feet becomes rough and dry during deregulation of body temperature and also changes in environmental temperature changes, to get rid of dry feet with broken skin, make your own foot cream by combining olive oil and honey,  a third part sugar and dash of lemon juice, After soaking feet in a warm water massage with this cream and wash it to get smooth and soft feet

    Removes sunburn : Harmful races from sun (UV, Gamma ,etc..) causes sunburns on skin, which makes skin black and reddish also with pain, Instead of using chemical moisturizers , Use olive oil diluted with plain water  on the surfaces of the sunburn as natural remedy which gives massive improvement.

    Cure acne: Acne vulgaris is a common skin disease caused by inflammatory or non inflammatory response of the body (pimples , black heads ,etc..) , cure acne by using olive oil with salt scrub , one of the beauty secrets of Cleopatra was Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) to get clear skin

2.Healthier hair :-
        Hair is the natural crown of human body, in  ancient times cosmetic products weren’t there to make beauty hair, but ancient beauties were the real beauties of the world , because they were using olive oil to tame and beautify their locks, the ancient beauties and warriors hair were strong and more flexible comparatively

    prevent dry scalp : Dry scalp makes hair to lose their grip and makes to fall, also creates dandruff all over the scalp, instead of trying  chemicals use olive oil for a better results , it moisturizes the scalp by conditioning dry scalp, mix used coffee grounds and olive oil, rub and apply it for sometime before you shampoo your hair, this will condition your hair and help to get rid of dry scalp

    Improve memory power : Lots of people struggles with the memory loss, this is the major problem for children’s, children’s while studying for exams and seminars use to struggle lot, because couldn’t remember things what they have studied , also adults with memory loss diseases (dementia ), It is proven that olive oil can prevent and possibly reverse the memory loss, event the major problems like Alzheimer’s disease (most common form of dementia, there is no cure for this disease) can be reverted through olive oil

    Kill lice : lice are small wingless insects created only by god with unknown reason, it scratches head and makes us irritable , mostly children’s struggles with lice, it lays lot of eggs within few days of occupying place in you scalp, There is a step by step procedure to get rid from lice, warm a quarter  cup of olive oil to a comfortable temperature, then work it through your hair till the deep roots, after leaving it for sometime  then comb with tight plastic lice comb and get a better result you ever seen

    Get a black hair : a premature graying of hair is a condition where the scalp losses the coloring agents (pigments), Extra Virgin Olive Oil ( non refined oil, which taken by crushing the seed directly) contains pigments, when you start to use EVOO on your locks, hair gets gradual darkening process and gets reverted within some months, Instead of using harsh chemicals and damaging your hair condition, get a healthy black and conditioned strong hair by using olive oil , also can use olive oil with hair care products to spread more even throughout scalp,

3.Prevent cancer: 
     Cancer known as malignant neoplasm, involving unregulated cell growth, cell divide and grow uncontrollably, there are  many causes of cancer, including using tobacco (smoking), excess radiation, lack of physical activity, obesity, and environmental pollutants
       The phytonutrients of olive oil oleocanthal mimics the effect of ibuprofen( anti –inflammatory) in reducing inflammation, which can reduce the risk of breast cancer mainly and its recurrence , worldwide breast cancer accounts for 22.9% of all cancers, breast cancer cause 458,503 deaths worldwide last year, squalene and lignans are among the other olive oil components being studied fro their possible effects of controlling cancer cells,
       The contents of antioxidants in olive oil reduce the skin cancer massively, it stops the oxidative process (cell damage ) of the cells, which makes the cells to lose their original size and quality , Even dangerous skin cancers like malignant melanoma also prevented by olive oil in a many studies,
       As extra virgin olive oil reduces the fat in the body, it also reduces the risk of fat emboli, also prevents cancer causing cells from the excess fat and controls the obesity, Olive oil containing diet prevents many types of cancers and make people to live longer by Mediterranean diet,.

4.Healthy heart : 
      Human heart pumps 5 liters of blood in every minute, heart contracts 1,00,000 times per day, It weighs just 300 grams but the work load is more than that, when excess fat occluding small blood vessels which supplying oxygen and nutrients to heart muscles gets cessation and stops the work of heart ( heart attack)
       Olive oil contain polyphenals, which helps body to reduce HDL( high density lipids) bad fats and increases the LDL (Low density lipids) good fats level , it also makes you sated and tends to make you eat less
      Olive oil prevents heart attack by 82% also removes sedimentation of nicotine’s which may stop supplying of blood to heart muscles by occluding small blood vessels , mainly olive oil makes arteries more elastic and flexible which lowers the normal ageing of heart,
       Reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases, coronary arteries are the nutrients supplier to the heart, which make heart to live by supplying oxygen and nutrition, According to some theories it also reduces the blood pressure and anxiety

5.Healthy Relationship: 
     As there is multiple benefits of olive oil, One of among its main contribution is Relationship, In this last case Relationship as direct relation to the blood irrigation, to achieve excitement what does the penis erection involve as well as the suitable vaginal lubrication,
    Any element favoring an appropriate functioning of the vascular system is going to be reflected in the Relationship and it is there where the olive oil begins working,
    such benefits is achieved by contents of olive oil as it contains vitamin E which makes the cells to glow.

     Its not finished here,it prevents Type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, etc.. 
Tell now which oil you gonna use hereafter, share your experience and opinions about olive oil

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