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How to lose Excess of body fat easily


          There are two options given below to lose your weight, one is dieting and exercising to burn excess fat, and artificial surgical procedure of fat removal (liposuction).

Natural techniques:-
         "First impression is the best impression", people get impressed instantly by your appearance.
there is no way to reduce a fat in a specific part of body in a natural technique,

"Eat when you famish" Eat less,

Stop full meals :-
          Eat small meals frequently, instead of eating full meals three times a day, eat 6 times half a stomach, it prevents accumulation of waste fat and improves metabolism.

Go to gym:-
          Go to gym where equipment available for both cardio and weight lifting, you start warming your body by doing cardio (skipping, sit ups, running, swimming)to burn excess fat evenly all over the body, train each muscles of your body according to your trainer

Sleep well :-
         There are many studies proven that people who did interval training lost more weight than people workouts for a longer time, during workout your muscles get teared, take adequate sleep more than 6 hours to get it repaired back to normal.

Don't skip breakfast:- 
        When you don't eat breakfast even your body starts using excess fat as energy source, empty stomach with lot of acids (Hcl) makes stomach tissues get ruptured leads to ulcer and soon converting it cancer cells,
eat low calorie lean protein for breakfast
I) Oats is the best choice for breakfast
II) combined different fruit
III) Boiled egg white with wheat bread

Gain lean body mass :-
          Lift more weights, when you have lot of muscles you can burn lot of body fat, mainly bench press workout with heavy weights workout core muscles of your body,"there is no pain there is no gain"

Hydrate yourself:-
            Per day a person should drink at least 2-3 liters of fluids (tea, fruits, juice, water). eat banana or apple which are the fruits rich in sodium and potassium to compensate which you lose through sweating during workout,

Reduce stress:- 
           Stress causes accumulation of more body fat, there are many ways to get rid off stress like meditating, yoga etc.. the better option is to spend time with people you like the most in the way of entertaining to relieve out of stress..
          "Its not hardest in this world to reduce weight through natural techniques yet its not easy either needs dedication, time, patience and practice"

Artificial technique (Liposuction)

         It is suction assisted fat removal operation that removes fat from many parts of the human body, physician who is doing procedure and patient discuss before operation and make decision, mainly fat accumulation presents in abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, back of the arms and elsewhere.

Who ?
        Not everyone can be eligible for liposuction, its not alternate method dieting and exercising, should be more than 18 with good health condition, shouldn't have specific diseases (diabetes, any infection and circulation problems).

How ?
        The technique of suction assisted liposuction is done after infusing or injecting lot of fluids subcutaneously through cannulas or insights, then by using higher-vacuum suction gives a better results, removal of very large volume of fat can be complex and life threatening by excess bleeding

         There are no notable benefits from liposuction comparatively with weight loss through dieting and exercising, but it reduces the bloodstream triglycerides but it doesn't help in obesity related metabolic disorders

side effects:-
   a) Bruising
   b) Swelling (automatically subsides)
   c) Scars (may take long period to heal)
   d) Pain (temporarily controlled by medications)
   e) Numbness (for few weeks)

Cost of procedure:-
         Mentioned here is average price only varies according to the institution
Each part Fat removal India Rs.5000 to 10000; in US $200
whole body fat remove India Rs. 80,000 to 100,000; in US $2000 to $5000

           Latest liposuction technique gives better outcome to lead normal life for obese patients

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