Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Is smoking really injurious to health?

     “The only time I really think is when I smoke, and I quit smoking years ago.”     -                                                         Jarod Kintz,

   There are vast range of smokers present in our society, In US and Australia has reduced rate of smokers unlike India, I have seen many children's addicted to smoke,also seen many people who smoke before they go to gym, reason, they doesn't know what will be the outcome

Average:  All over the world 12,000 (1.2 billion) crores people are smokers, Approximately in India there are 12 crores people are smokers currently,
         According to World Health Organization (WHO) in every 10 minutes one smoker dies, In India 900,000 smokers die per year
Because:  As many smokers doesn't have idea of one cigarette contains 7000 injurious chemicals and 170 poisonous gases and cancer causing agents,

During exercise:  Carbon monoxide (CO) Restricts the oxygen entering into blood, this reduces the oxygen supply to the muscles, Generally during exercise body needs more oxygen than normal, this increases the work load of heart to pump fast and supply oxygen , since heart rate increases body gets exhausted during exercise very soon, also this reduces the stamina and affects muscle growth in massive effect

In weight lifting:  Weight lifters mainly required strong bone, smoking will stop supplying Calcium and Vitamin-D to bone and reduces the bone mass, during training or at competition fractures may happen mainly in some specific parts (Hip, Lumbar spine, Fore arm).

Age difference :   Affects the skin mainly in two ways,
  1.  Reducing hydration of skin and making skin to look dry
  2.  Restricts the blood to supply oxygen and nutrients to the skin
       Reducing vitamin-A which protects the skin against many external damages, huge secreting of enzymes will break the protein in massive level, causing skin to lose its elasticity and look older from 10 to 20 years, Even though its irreversible smoking cessation will stop further major problems

Shapeless body:  Smoking cessation will cause weight gain about 5 to 7 kgs by increasing the body metabolism, nicotine has the appetite suppressant effect, when nicotine level comes down from body getting more appetite and gaining fat, but gaining fat in unwanted places will make body unshaped

Affect nerves:  Signals and stimulation's are transmitted from brain via nerves, smoking affects nerve cell production and losses their grip and starting to tremor all over the body in a small age group itself, affects brains concentration, activity and makes psychological issues

Sexual problems:  Smoking affects men penis in a two ways, It constricts all the blood vessels and restricts the blood flow to the penis and causes impotence, secondly endothelial dysfunction which makes stagnant of the waste chemical reactive products and affects the cells, Also smoking reduces level of  testerone hormone and affects the sperm production in  massive level

Environment:  Smoking not only affecting who smoke and also gives harm to who stands near by a smoker (passive smoker ), Atmosphere gets oxygen by trees and greens , carbon monoxide affects the leaf of trees and makes it decayed,
     “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times.”                                                                                                           ― Mark Twain
Main needs to start smoking,
      1.  Hungry : there is no time to take food in this busy life, to feel energized within few minutes starting to smoke 
      2.  Angry :  To relieve uncontrollable angry which caused by some reasons
      3.  Loneliness :  Separated by this society or family when a person feels  ‘’I am lonely’’ starts smoking                  
      4.  Tired:  Getting tiredness because malnutrition, work load, or some other few reasons, to relieve this and to get pleasure feel smoking
      Other than this smoking can become habitual

Cessation techniques:  Stop smoking by finding your main needs as we seen previously, and making it fulfilled by natural way,
   Other smoking cessation to prevent nicotine withdrawal syndrome
1.  Trans dermal nicotine patches
2.  Nicotine gum
3.  Lozenges
4.  Nicotine sprays
5.  Inhalers
    Those things taken to the alteration method for smoking, its getting mixed in blood and gives the pleasure as smoking by titrating your nicotine intake level and get better health

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