Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Do you drink tea ?

     Taste and energy admitted (TEA) is mostly used beverage all over the world, Its originated in Yunnan  china, then started spreading all over the world span of thousands of the years.

"I always fear that creation will expire before tea time" 
                                                  -Rev Sydney smith

    Because tea contains caffeine which makes mental alertness, readiness, also increases body performance
I hope it is good to know benefits of tea and their complication on body

Increases lean muscle mass :-

        Drinking tea increases the testosterone hormone level in human body and improves the performance of workout at gym also inducing muscle growth, Both green tea and black tea burns body excess fat and eliminates unwanted low density lypoprotein (LDL) and reduces the cholesterol level which makes many cardiac problems (IHD, CAD) by obstructing blood flow of vessels which supplies nutrients and oxygen to heart muscles, by doing this it makes you to get lean muscle mass with great body shape, green tea is more helpful than black tea to burn excess fat also to drink regular basis to get a better result combination with regular workout
       The caffeine which presents in tea is mostly affects on central nervous system, it increases the firing of neurons and stimulating the pituitary gland to release more adrenaline into bloodstream which produces the feel like energized  and makes you to spend more time on workout by improving your endurance exercise performance, When you spend more time on workout automatically your muscles start to grow and gets much stamina
       It also increases your exercise performance by releasing fatty acids on your blood stream , which gets used as energy source during exercise for a long time without muscle exhaustion .

Brings you glowing skin :-

     Tea has many numerous benefits on skin, whether you apply topically or intake it orally, it improves your skin beauty by its rich anti-oxidant properties, Tea has anti-oxidants, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties, can be used by combining this with other skin care products, It helps to penetrate cosmetics to deep inside of the skin and improves skin texture, appearance and function, its protects skin from harmful races (UV,Gamma,X,etc..) of environment which causes major damages to the skin.
Tea contains many contents like protective anti-oxidants, vitamins and phytochemicals, the most important is vitamin-C, vitamin-E, Carotenoids, Flavonoids,
Vitamin-C makes lighter and brighter skin by producing more melanin pigments and reduces wrinkles,
Vitamin-E is the excellent anti-oxidant which reduces the free radicals from skin which makes skin to look older
   Carotenoids prevents harmful effects of UV rays, main good effect of tea on body is anti-cancer causing properties which prevents skin cancer by eliminating free radicals

Reduces tension:-

      "while there's tea there's hope"     - sir Arthur Pinero

        In this busy world people use to be tensed always , because much of workload ,Social issues and family problems, nowadays youngers are in more risk of high blood pressure, Drinking tea in a regular basis reduces the risk of high blood pressure
       Tea has a immediate effect of increasing blood pressure on human body but it never stays for a longer time, it makes you to get high Bp for half an hour, then it has long term effect of reducing BP in a moderate level, people who drink two cups of tea daily makes them 45% reduced risk of high Blood pressure

Prevent Hair loss:-

       As there are so many advantages of tea we have seen previously, one more is preventing hair loss, it was believed that catechins presents in tea had 5-alpha-reductase inhibiting properties which means blocking DHT (Dihydrostestostorone) which causes hair loss in men and woman, also studies shown that anti-inflammatory properties of tea stimulates hair growth, the major reason of hair loss is stress, tea reduces stress and makes your hair not to fall down and keeps it on your head by having tea relaxed,
Interestingly, the resent studies made on tea shows that tea doesn't stop hair loss by blocking DHT, Because hair loss could be caused genetically , so tea has no magic power to prevent hair loss, but its true its reducing stress and prevents stress induced hair loss, but its not proven to prevent hair loss and improve hair growth on human body , so don't be expecting any miracle.

Drinking tea really bad ?

       Even though drinking little will not make any major problems drinking frequently and drinking large amounts will make many problems to our body as follows

I) Fluoride is the chemical which is used in public water tanks in a small quantity for dental health, tea leaves also contain fluoride  usually high concentration of fluoride presents in a matured leaves which is there at bottom, machines cut all the leaves together and make combined, through drinking tea higher concentration of fluoride used by the people, higher concentration of fluoride intake has the risk of osteofluorosis (disturbance of bones caused by fluorine) in humans

II) As tea contains some amount of aluminium, it also causes major neural diseases, Same like fluoride aluminum presents in a higher concentration on old leaves, younger leaves contain minimal quantity of aluminium, unlike earlier days people are not reaping it by hand, so unfortunately it comes as mixed and makes trouble to human health, higher concentration of aluminum intake increases the risk of getting Alzheimer's disease (loss of memory which couldn't be reverted with normal medical treatment) on humans.

III) Also tea contains oxolates which makes kidney stones by binding with free calcium and also binding with minerals, It stays at kidney not eliminated through urine, the day passes it makes trouble and disturbances by causing stones in kidney, there is difference between gall bladder stones and kidney stones, gall bladder stones can be removed easily thorough non invasive laproscopic procedure

IV) One more thing is Esophagus cancer, Esophagus is made up of soft tissues which doesn't have cartilages unlike trachea (wind pipe), if you drink tea too hot it makes cells to go necrosis and form free radicals and also starts to grow as a cancer cells and causing esophageal cancer

V) Tea is harmful for teeth and gum's, if one drinks tea too hot it makes to lose the strength of teeth and gum's, also tea stains teeth and making it decayed, makes smells bad end up with decayed tooth.

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