Thursday, August 8, 2013

Green must be the formula of body !

           We know that the needs of all people in the world is food, The  source from which  plants get food are sand, wind, and water,  but animals depend upon plant and plant eating small animals, where as human beings depend upon cultivated plants and some domestic animals. Food habits of human beings vary according to their believes and cultures. 

           Based on food what we eat, will provide nutrition and energy to work. Only energy providing foods is not sufficient, we also need food which is rich in vitamins and minerals. This type of food helps to prevent many diseases and improves our immune power. A balanced diet is rich in protein, fat, Vitamins and minerals which is essential in our day to day life.

      An individual has to eat 125 grams of green, 75 grams of vegetables daily. Rice and Dhal is rich in carbohydrates and protein. We can see many people with the deficiency of vitamins around us, mainly children and pregnant woman. We are in a situation to increase the production of green to get rid of vitamin deficiencies.

     It is very easy to increase the production of Green all over the world.  We can Farm green in any season and harvest it within a short period of time which helps us in. When green cultivation is compared with other grains it is eight times higher. According to this, in a year, green cultivation will reach almost the highest place in agriculture. As green ranks high in production it should be ranking first in the life of every individual to meet their needs with a balanced diet.

     There are different varieties of green. We can take it regularly according to our taste and availability. Green is a mixture of Vitamins A, B, C and calcium and iron. It is better to eat greens and very cheap instead buying medicines with the bitter taste and expensive. Green has to occupy special place in daily intake. In many civilized countries people are taking green regularly with their daily intake; even they take raw green without boiling it, though they are one step above compared with other people. 

      When we cook green most of the vitamins and minerals get vanished, we need to take action right now and cultivate more green to prevent food famine and shortage of food in many countries. We shouldn't think that there is not enough nutrients in Green because it’s very cheap compared with other fruits and vegetables, for example amount of Vitamin A contents present in one kg of green are equal to 70 kilograms of banana. Also we need to consume 115 apples to get calcium contents of one kilogram green.

      There are limitless ingredients presents in green which we can’t be even compared with other fruits and vegetables, from this we are coming to know that how much it’s important to take green with our regular daily intake. We have to learn to eat more raw greens. Raw greens are very helpful to increase the production of blood and to increase coagulation factors in blood volume. Calcium is very useful to make heart to contract properly; Calcium is highly needed for growing children, pregnant woman.

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