Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dumping food will make your baby dump

‘’You are pregnant’’ , 
     You have to double your diet for the growth of the ‘fetus’, This is usual advice given to the pregnant mother by the experienced ones,''No , Shouldn't eat like this'' , Says Dr. Lesley McGowan
    This is the main reason for Childhood Obesity after delivery, which causes more dangerous issues during delivery to the mother and also the life of the kids,

Main Complications of Childhood Obesity:

   1.Type 2 diabetes
   2.Metabolic Syndrome
   3.High cholesterol and High Blood Pressure
   4.Asthma and Other breathing problems
   5.Sleep Disorders (OHA)
   6.Early puberty and menstruation
   7.Low self -Esteem and  Bullying
   8.Behaviour and learning problems

   Massive Obese parturient  which struggles to come out needs cesarean, Also the mother who had cesarean procedure getting severe postnatal problems, mainly
  wound Complications,
  Massive accumulation of fat in abdomen wall

  To prevent these problems supposed to control diet by following pregnancy diet, 
Nowadays 74% of ladies eating more during pregnancy,

  Can do Postnatal exercise according to the physicians and Physiotherapist advice To burn the belly fat after delivery

  Also increase weight during pregnancy according to physician advice.

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