Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Top 10 Health Benefits of Dates

      Initially  Worlds ancient culture  mesadonia were using Dates,  Dates captured the strong place in Historical records of Egypt pyramids, Greek , Roman, Palestine , For the last 300 years Dates are used all over the world as a Nourishing fruit.

Benefits:  Dates has a vast Range of Health benefits to Human body, As it contains lot of nourishing nutrients like vitamin, mineral, fiber , iron , protein, and many more, by consuming it causes good health benefits as follows,

        1.Dates are the Natural medicine to increase massive  production of Blood, As it contains rich contents of iron , Vitamin A1 , C, B1, B2, B3, And along with B5, It improves the muscle growth, and Boosts up the stamina ,So from children’s to  Old age people everyone can consume it.

      2.As it contains Soluble and insoluble fiber it improves the digestive system, By consuming  3 dates and drinking hot water daily at night before sleep  can get rid of constipation
      3.Daily consumption can improve the function of the heart, Dates helps in  reducing LDL cholesterol , and also strengthening of heart muscles
     4.Daily consumption can help to get rid of Anaemia , It prevents from massive bleeding by normalising coagulant factors ( platelets) , And also it increases Red Blood Cells Which carries the Oxygen to the tissues to burn energy and also  improves the immunity

    5.Dates are rich in potassium and lower in  sodium, The researchers says consuming dates can reduce the risk of stroke, And  improves the function and structure of nervous system, and also stabilizing heart rate

    6.When dates are consumed with milk it gives more energy as it contains sucrose, calcium strengthens bones, and also it helps to gain weight by consuming regular basis
    7.Dates also helps to get rid of teeth decay and yellow discolorations by its content of fluorine, for more information see how to get white teeth ,

    8.Also improves the eye sight ,and prevents evening blindness, its excellent for alcohol intoxication, increases the sperm production and stamina to have a longlost sex

    9.As It prevents from free radicals there are chance to prevent and cure cancer

   10.During teeth growth for kids they may have stomach upset and pain, it will get better when giving hand full of boiled dates three times a day

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