Monday, October 15, 2012

How to remove and prevent discoloration of teeth ?

A single Smile can make the situation to ‘U’ turn 
As we all of us know, teeth is made up of calcium. Whatever the problem or trouble comes to our body it might be mainly because lack of nutrition. We need a calcium and magnesium to maintain healthy teeth.

          1.Daily two or three times we must brush our teeth, Either brush or rinse effectively each time after you take a full meals.
          2.Drink clean and non chlorinated water, Nowadays we never see clean water anywhere, So at least boil your drinking water at once and keep it safe by closing and dust free place.
          3.Habit of drinking Tea or Coffee will make teeth discoloration; also alcohol will make the same, so avoid those pleasurable things.
   Finally Notice what kind of products you are using. Brushing alone will not make your teeth clean, by what are you brushing?
  Look at your toothpaste and ask

 * Why you are not keeping my teeth clean and making my teeth white?
 * Why you are not giving protection while my tooth gets caries?
 * Why my teeth is paining or irritating when I drink cold water or ice cream?
 * Why you are making me to go and pay frequently to dentist?
 * Why you are not strengthening my teeth?

  Answer from toothpaste: I am not protector of your teeth; I am the destroyer of your teeth.

 Check How!

             *Take your toothpaste and keep some amount on your palm as you keep it on your brush, and apply to both of your palms, wait for few second, If it is getting dried and disappeared means you are using the correct toothpaste, if it is stays on your palm still, so sad..let it dry for some time and rub your palms when it is fully dried, you will feel some kind of sand which scratching your teeth each day.
            *One more test, after brushing you split all the foam on the plain floor, see after sometime when its get dried, it will be white like a paint. If so you can never make your teeth white and clean.
              Find paste with "Sylodent" and use it .
            Are you drinking adequate amount of milk (250 ml per day), And having eggs (30 eggs per day) to keep your teeth healthy?
             Either “Healthy foods” to be taken each day or “Supplements”. As we live in this Hurry-bury world we don’t care about our health and go as it is and earn more money, when you think that you earned much to spend, your Body will say ‘you become old’, How to overcome this? Only by intake of proper supplements.
            For all of us one question will arise from our mind at this time, what are supplements? Is that crime taking supplements instead of food? Actually the supplement is the extra or additional intake of food which we couldn’t get through our ordinary intake. There is no evidence of FIR on the people who took supplements. There is only record of healthy living personalities.
                                      Stay Healthy...

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