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What happens when you don't sleep at night ? How to get rid of Sleep Deprivation?

               Its called sleep deprivation when subject don't have adequate sleep(mainly night time), As there are many causes (reasons) of sleep deprivation, It makes bags under your eyes

I) The excessive feel of loneliness will disturb the subject psychologically and makes not to sleep at right time followed by worrying
II) Depressed or Stress by some situation or abnormal changes in subjects body can make SD
III) Parties at night for entertainment or celebration can make the subject not to sleep, it may happen occasionally or frequently
IV) Eating large quantity of food with excess oil (Fast food) can make trouble in digestion and cause subject not to sleep (mostly it causes temporary problems)
V) Horrible dreams of situation which related to subjects life can threaten and makes to wake up suddenly 
VI) Drinking liquor can cause SD by chemical changes in subjects body
VII) Night shift or night duty is unpreventable cause of sleep deprivation with causes more unexpected trouble to the subject

Effects of Sleep Deprivation        

       More exhaustion of  body will never make subject to sleep , there are difference between feeling exhausted and feeling sleepy, so don't try to put yourself at more exhaustion

I) Type 2 diabetes : 
More restriction to sleep makes body to impaired glucose tolerance, puts subject into type 2 diabetes which also called non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, there are no age difference in getting this.

II)affects brain function:
Sleep deprivation can adversely affect the brain function , slow performance of finishing the given task compared with non-SD subjects, makes memory performance to less by affecting temporal lobe (which controls visual memories, comprehending language and deriving meanings)  and parietal lobe (which controls sensation of objects) of brain, causes serious conditions like cardiac diseases, psychosis, and bipolar disorder, causes rapid eye moment during sleep which disturbs the neurotransmitters and makes restless of their receptors causing poor concentration.

III) Affects muscle growth:
Sleep deprivation also have serious effects on muscle and body growth, its by suppressing or reducing the growth hormones, after workout there should be some pause of resting time to repair teared muscles, sleep deprivations makes cessation to muscle repair process, cortisol (anti-stress and anti-inflammatory hormone), is the healing hormone to heal damaged or wounded part of the body, SD reduces these kind of healing hormone and stops the healing process and makes subject to feel more pain after and during workout also affects immune system response

V)More prone to gain weight:
Prolonged sleep deprivation may increase the food intake level also increases the energy usage which leads to weight gain, there are more prone to lead obesity syndrome while subject not sleeps adequately, increased chance of obesity hypo ventilation (OHA) and snoring which makes body to retain carbon dioxide this is by disrupting hormones which regulates glucose level and appetite of body
IV) Memory loss:
Sleep deprivation makes subject to loss temporarily compared to non-SD peoples, students who studying for exam when they study overnight without sleep or reduced sleep may lead to loss of memory power and makes them to forget  during examination what they have studied and leads to missing the sentence while writing the answers,

How to sleep peacefully overnight ?

      As we discussed causes of sleep derivation earlier here are the list given below to sleep peacefully overnight and lead a healthier life

I) Go to gym and workout: Exercising is the solution to sleep without disturbance, because when your muscle gets fatigue during workout and it automatically leads to cure the tiresomeness of body which leads to sleep, workout in a regular basis will promote will power also clears most of the psychological issues which leads to the positive gratitude

II) Try to stop smoking weed and drinking liquor: Smoking also causes sleep deprivation like liquor, there is no way get rid of sleep deprivation unless you stop smoking and drinking , thinking about past and worrying will never lead your life to the next level, its upon you,

III) listen to good music: Music may turn your concentration on a particular point, so when you hear songs like melody can easily induce subject to fall asleep , (e.g Classical guitar instrumental)

IV)Meditation like yoga can help you to relax yourself psychologically and makes you cool to relieve all kind of worries  to fall asleep

V) Change your routine to which you are interested in because "health is wealth", what you gonna achieve by compromising your health, there is no solution to get rid of night shift except changing your job, but i know its difficult

VI)Avoid parties and functions frequently by scheduling your sleeping plan, after scheduling it never turn back better stick to it.

VII) go for pills : Human body has the power of regulation according to your daily tasks, so go for sleeping pills for one or two nights, when you practicing sleeping at right time according to your schedule automatically your body induces you to fall asleep when you don't take pills on third day, but never get addicted to it, government strictly restricted to sell sleeping pills outside of hospitals but there is a way...

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