Friday, June 28, 2013

Lose Weight Within a Week Through Swimming

                 Even though there are many exercises techniques and lots of people does many way to lose weight, Swimming is best known exercise to lose weight since ancient times, The one and only exercise which involves all kinds of muscles in our body to workout is swimming The good news is
                     "once you learn how to swim, you will never forget it".
     Losing weight is actually depends on how much activity you put through body, being keen concentration is must to gain good result, daily an hour swimming get you this result

How I am saying, what is the mechanism ?
         Basically when we do exercises on surface unlike swimming , like running, weight training, our weight put on joints, and makes trouble, but swimming on water, basically water holds and supports body weight, it also gives better workout by causing resistance when we swim through water, usually swimmers try to move fast, if strokes are created on water surface can be moved fast easily.

There are host of health benefits of Swimming:

1.swimming is not only a sport and art, its a good exercise for health,800 calories gets burned for one hours swimming,

2. If possible daily an hour swimming will reduce waste and loose muscle in a tremendous way, swimming can reduce body weight and increases endurance of lungs,

3.while swimming since all muscles are involved mainly hand, and thigh muscles will get stronger ever

4. Get rid of loss of appetite, and swimming increases appetite to the peak which you cant be control, it relieves all kinds of body ache immediately

5.Improves blood circulation all over the body, thus improves the circulation and function of all organs

6.Breath holding during swimming increases the vital capacity of the lung and its function, body gets shining like sculpture and also brings stamina to do much work,

7.Relieves depression and gives you good confident from under-self esteem, gives you new freshness upon life

8.Its being the major first aid skill also for self protection

9.Swimming keeps you healthy and beautiful

10.At a time swimming makes workout with aerobic and anaerobic, means gives workout to the heart and muscles,

At least weekly six times swimming is good for health to live longer without any disease, thirty to fourty minutes is best per time, children is better to learn when they study at school.

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