Saturday, June 15, 2013

Top health benefits of Red Wine


 Health benefits
       Since 2200 BC wine has been used by Egyptians for its medicinal purposes, its also called man-made medicine, it used as a part of healthy diet and disinfectant for wounds, in the middle period people opposed of wine and researchers said that wine has no net health benefits,but the latest issue is the moderate wine drinkers has less mortality rate compared to non-drinkers and teetotalers, a glass of 150 ml per day for woman a two glasses of wine per day for men is called moderate
  Resveratol is the compound which is found in the skin of black grapes, it has the huge health benefits which attracted the researchers,

Makes your bone strong
   Moderate drinking of wine in a regular basis increases the bone mineral density, since many studies have proven this, the chronic drinker has a opposite health effect on bones, which affects the cellular processes of the bone and it may lead to spontaneous fractures,

Makes healthy heart
   Drinking wine in a moderate way improves the balance between LDL
(low density lipo-protein) and HDL (High density lipo-protein), wine washes out the LDL which stops oxygen supply to the heart muscles by occluding arteries with clots which is the main cause of heart attack, studies have shown that heavy drinkers have the greater risk of heart attacks and fat accumulation.

Reduces the risk of diabetes
   Moderate wine drinkers has a good health impact of preventing type2 diabetes, wine has the effect to balance the sugar level in the body if consumed with the food

Removes gall stones
  wine has the disinfectant effect, so it removes the bacteria from the stomach which causes gastritis and peptic ulcer and sterilizes it, helps in digestion. wine helps to digest cholesterol which gets accumulated and form as gall stones if left, so moderate drinkers has a positive effect on gall bladder and digestion

Makes clear vision
  The anti-oxidant and anti-coagulant factors of wine improves the circulation to eye, also reduces the risk of lacunar degeneration vision lose to the age.

Helps in weight management
  When alcohol consumed with food, it increases the stomach emptying time and helps in reducing the food intake, compared with other drinks wine has the lowest calorie level

Improves IQ power
   A study done with a beer drinker, beer and wine drinker and wine drinkers, they are all given a IQ test the moderate wine drinking men and woman performed well and scored much, also they have a good psychological and social status

Reduces the risk of memory loss
   Moderate wine drinkers has the lowest risk of dementia and Alchemiers disease, comparatively chronic alcohol drinkers has the highest risk of dementia and memory loss also it affects the behavior

Prevents cancer
  The anti-oxidant properties of Resveratol which found in grapes has the power of inhibiting cancerous changes in cells, its better for female to consume wine in a moderate level to get rid of lung, prostate and ovarian cancers, studies have shown that wine prevents some esophageal carcinoma also, drinking a glass of wine a day has the reduced risk of cancer by 56%, people who drink leading a healthier lifestyles with consuming low fats, fruits and vegetables.

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