Saturday, August 10, 2013

Health benefits of Ghee

       Ghee is composed almost entirely of saturated fat. When cooking, it can be unhealthy to heat polyunsaturated oils such as vegetable oils to high temperatures. Doing so creates peroxides and other free radicals. Ghee has a very high smoke point and doesn't burn easily during cooking. Ghee has stable saturated bonds and so it lot less likely to form the dangerous free radicals when cooking. Ghee’s short chain of fatty acids is also metabolized very readily by the body.
        *Add pure ghee in daily diet If you really don’t have any health issues, the study has revealed body is good for health.
Too much of ghee is generally harmful to the body people say, but, if pure ghee added in daily diet to the people who don’t have any health risks is good for health study has revealed. People with cardiovascular disease risk and obese shouldn't have ghee in their daily diet, it will increase the cholesterol level in their body and cause many health issues for that reason they should try to avoid ghee from their diet; at the mean time if nothing prevalence without any fear in their daily diet can include pure ghee,
         American University had done a study over the people who add pure ghee in their diet and reported the benefits, Adding ghee everyday is good to lead protected health and to make brain sharp, out the bad nutrients in the body, increase eye view, and ghee helps to strengthen muscles
        1. Clean ghee is better than well melted butter since fat in ghee is low; it helps to speed up the digestion.
        2.  No need to keep the ghee in refrigerator, if it is kept outside for a longer time it will ever go decayed. So, there will not be any change in the condition of pure ghee.
        3.     Eat ghee to promote the activity of the brain. Promoting digestion of the food that we take also helps to keep body weight in a balanced level.

         4. Since ghee has Vitamin A, D, E, and K which improve blood circulation in the body and clean the blood.
         5. Physical activity needs some fat. You can get it by eating ghee, many study said in a statement.

        Keep in mind, that we are only attaching these benefits to pure homemade ghee made with zero preservative or vegetable fats. Store-bought ghee or ghee prepared with any artificial methods will not fit in the same category as pure ghee.

In Ayurveda:-

       It plays an important role in Ayurvedic and Yoga. Long a favorite of Yoga practitioners, ghee lubricates the connective tissues and promotes flexibility, says Dr. Vasant Lad, director of the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Traditionally, the preparation has been used to promote memory, intelligence, quantity and quality of semen, and to enhance digestion. Modern science tells us that ghee also harbors phenolic antioxidants, which bolster the immune system.

       Even better than ghee is aged ghee-up to 100 years – which treats alcoholism, epilepsy, fever, and vaginal pain, according to Ayurvedic physician Robert Svoboda. Ayurvedic beauty expert Pratima Raichur suggests it as a massage base to calm sensitive Pitta-type skin. 

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